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    • Investing in Others

      It’s clear that the Bible tells us to love others. Think of a person in your life who has invested and loved you. How did it feel? How about you? Are you invested in someone’s life, loving them where they are at? Read these verses and learn about the scriptural command to love. more »

    • Have you ever heard your attitude determines your altitude? What about your attitude? Do you walk around glum or do you light up a room whenever you enter it? Can you change your attitude to be more Christ-like today? If so, how? Read these verses and pray about it, asking God to reveal to you one way you might be able to be more like Jesus. more »

    • Lent is a sacred 40-day period that culminates in commemoration of Holy Week - marking the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. During this time, many of us fast or give up certain types of luxuries as form of penance. Not everyone gives up food or drink, however. Many people are starting to give up things like Facebook, Instagram and other technical distractions that keep one distracted from God. What will you be giving up this year to become more centered in Christ? more »

    • Welcome to our third edition of "The Devil is Out to Get Me But I'm Not Havin' It." In our last two Bible Studies, we spoke about how prayer and handy Bible verses can protect us from Satan's darts. In today's lesson, let's give music some props. After all, it is a fact that music lifts mood and promotes healthy endorphins. Plus, it's kind of hard to think about how bad your life is when you're singing songs of worship to Jesus. Don't believe us? Just see what the Bible has to say about this. And leave a prayer request! We are here for you. more »

    • In our last Bible Study we spoke about how the scripture is a powerful aid against spiritual warfare. Another powerful tip for your spiritual tool belt is prayer time. If you can't be quiet, you can't hear God. This is such a basic concept, and yet so hard to remember. Even more funny is that while we can't seem to hear God when we're running, we certainly can hear the devil. Sometimes he speaks to us in quiet whispers while we're waiting for our coffee at a crowded Starbucks. "That lady, she looks so much better than you." Sometimes he shouts at us, perhaps also at the same Starbucks, "You don't have the cash for that with your job about to go away, but spend the five dollars anyway! You deserve it!" The devil is so very smart and sneaky, because he will disguise something at the truth with just a little partial lie inside. It's hard to discern what is true and what is not when we are busy, stressed and frantic. So how can we best figure it out? You guessed it - quiet time with God. Here are 5 verses to encourage you in your prayer life. And leave a prayer request, too! more »

    • Has it seemed lately that no matter what you do, nothing is going your way? I'm not talking running late for work, or having someone snag the last space at the shopping mall on a blistering summer day. I'm talking about stuff that feels intentionally designed to mess you up. Oppressive. Burdening. Supernaturally created to make you fail. Perhaps it IS supernatural. As Christians, we call it Spiritual Warfare. To be specific, "Spiritual warfare is the Christian version of the concept of taking a stand against supernatural evil forces. The foundation for this ideology is having a belief in evil spirits which are able to intervene in human affairs." What's interesting about this particular definition is that it implies Christians fighting the evil, not the other way around. To quote a pastor I saw speak about this on Wednesday, no matter what the devil tries to do, we win. Why? Because God is leading the battle for us. I'll be discussing this a lot over the next week or so, so check back with ways to protect yourself. The first way? Have scripture handy. Here are five verses to help you fight the good fight. And, as always, how can we pray for you? more »

    • This question has been sent to more times than we can count. So, to make it as brief as possible, let's just answer the question like this: Nope. more »

    • Loving difficult people is not easy. But if you do it, you'll be blessed. It doesn't mean not setting boundaries. But it does mean reacting from a gentle heart, not an angry one. more »

    • Dear Lord, I Am So Cranky Lately! It seems everyone is getting me crazy, from my spouse to my best friend to my kids. Even my dog is driving me nuts. (That dog needs to eat every single day. Who knew? ) It's not like anything has changed that much in my life, and yet everything feels so much more frustrating. I am incredibly uptight and anxious. It wasn't until driving to work today, in bumper to bumper traffic (after locking my keys in the car) that I realized the world is not out to get me. The only one out the get me is you - you are out to get me to find you and rest in you. I just haven't done that lately at all. Here are some verses to remind me that true peace can only come from you. And please, if you have prayer requests, by all means leave them! more »

    • We're talking a lot about modesty this week at What does it mean, really, and how does it affect the Christian? Modesty, by definition, means "freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc. regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, simplicity." As Christians, we are are called to this in our dress, actions and morals. Why? Is it to keep us chained up and boring? Far from it. Being modest means that we are not attracting attention to our bodies and actions so that God can get the credit. It doesn't mean we need to dress in a sack cloth and live in a barn. Be stylish and outgoing if you want! But by acting with class and dignity, we will show the world there is something special about us. Our modesty might just be the only Bible any non-Christian ever reads.Here are five verses about modesty. Does anyone need prayer in this area? more »

    • Do you ever feel like your life would have more meaning if you could just DO what you know you COULD DO but lack courage? Do you ever feel like the devil (who is described as a roaring lion out to pounce on you) has turned you from a roaring lion into a cowardly one?  more »

    • Anyone out there experience jealously? You're not alone. We all go through it. but did you know the one person who is jealous for you in a good way? Yup, it's Jesus. more »

    • It's easy to get stuck in fear. "Will I ever find someone?" "Will the person I found be enough?" "Will I ever be enough?" The truth is that we can't control other people. Nor can we pin our emotions on temporary things like work, friendship, family and health. The only thing we can do is trust in the Lord who is our rock. Here are a few verses to turn to if you're feeling fearful. Isn't it time you go liberated and freed yourself to live with the purpose God created you to live? At, we know that God has your back. So do we! How can we pray for you? What are you afraid of? more »

    • Patience is a virtue, or so they say. For many of us, this virtue is not something we attain easily. The reason behind this is that we often put too much "we" into it instead of asking for God's help. When was the last time you prayed before dealing with that annoying PTA president? What about for your drive to work when jerks inevitably cut you off on the freeway? When was the last time you stopped referring to everybody as jerks but instead had compassion for them? more »