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Have you ever heard your attitude determines your altitude? What about your attitude? Do you walk around glum or do you light up a room whenever you enter it? Can you change your attitude to be more Christ-like today? If so, how? Read these verses and pray about it, asking God to reveal to you one way you might be able to be more like Jesus. more»

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  • Have you found yourself needing to vent your anger occasionally and then watching as it becomes a regular occurrence? Many of us struggle with anger, especially when we’re busy and preoccupied. Anger can be a go to emotion. What does the Bible say about anger?  more »

  • Need Help Parenting?

    Parenting can be one of the toughest jobs there is. Do you need encouragement today as a parent? Look at these verses and let them help you as you navigate the parenting journey! Consider posting them somewhere so that you can refer to them often in your tough moments as a parent. more »

  • Have you ever stopped in the middle of a chaotic situation and prayed? How did it feel? If you’re in traffic or distracted by something, take a moment today and pray. Look at all of these verses on prayer and its importance.  more »

  • Investing in Others

    It’s clear that the Bible tells us to love others. Think of a person in your life who has invested and loved you. How did it feel? How about you? Are you invested in someone’s life, loving them where they are at? Read these verses and learn about the scriptural command to love.  more »

  • The Sabbath and Rest

    We’ve all heard the line,“I’m too busy” and probably find ourselves using it more than we’d like. When you examine your busyness, what is at the heart of it? Perhaps it’s loneliness, fear, avoidance, or not fully being able to trust God with your time. Whatever the reason, meditate on these scriptures about the Sabbath. Why do you think God created it and is it still applicable to us in our culture today? more »

  • Rooting Out Pride

    Proverbs says “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” Do you struggle with pride in your daily life? What do these verses say to warn against pride? Is it convicting? What’s one thing you can do this week to keep your pride in check?  more »

  • How’s your bible reading going? Are you feeling like the word is speaking to you or are you just going through the motions? If you’re experiencing a lackluster time with God, why not try reading a chapter of the bible you haven’t looked at in a while? Here are a few ideas: more »

  • You Are Seen

    Do you ever wonder if God sees you in the little moments of your life? Think about an instance from your past where you really felt God come through for you. How did he show you that you were seen? Read through these verses and think about how God sees and loves you today.  more »

  • Word Study: Mercy

    God’s mercy is found throughout all of Scripture in stories like Joseph’s, Paul’s, and Esther’s. In thinking over your past and present, where have you seen God’s mercy manifested in your own life? Read these verses, paying careful attention to the word or concept of mercy. What do you notice?  more »

  • Have you ever had a person in your life who is hard to love? Maybe it’s a co-worker or a troubled family member or someone who takes you for granted. Some would say that loving another person is one of the hardest things that we as believers in Christ are called to do, especially if they aren’t easy to love. That said, Jesus didn’t promise it was going to be easy! Read and memorize some of these verses and the next time you encounter someone who is hard to love, think of these to encourage you. more »

  • Dealing with Doubt

    In your faith life, it’s normal to have times of doubt, but it’s what you do with that doubt that’s important. Do you let your doubt grow or are you able to bring it to God? Read these stories of doubt. How do they compare to the doubts you feel? What happened to the doubt when those who had it confronted it?  more »

  • Wisdom on Money

    Did you know that Jesus talked about money more than anything else except the Kingdom of God? Clearly, God cares about how we handle our money. Let’s examine some verses and prayerfully consider our relationship to money. How do these scriptures impact how you see money? more »

  • False guilt can be an overpowering emotion, if we let it. But the scripture says “If we confess it with our mouths, he is faithful to forgive.” And yet, we don’t always remember that. When we live our lives out of a place of misplaced guilt and not love, we are not really living out God’s best for us. Looking at these verses, do you find yourself resonating? more »

  • Have you ever struggled with a bad habit that you’ve wanted to change? In those instances, it’s important to get accountability from a Christ-follower who can encourage you when you’re week and cheer you on when you feel like giving up. Need somewhere to start? Check out some of these words from Scripture. more »