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Ashley Reccord

I grew up as a “PK” (pastor’s kid). In fact, some of my earliest memories are of playing in the church nursery. My life was pretty much dominated by church: Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, Bible Drill, camp every summer, musicals and youth group. You name it, I was there. Being a real “people person,” I loved it all. In fact, as a little girl, if I misbehaved, my mom threatened to keep me home from church! In my home, we were encouraged to know not only our Bible, but to follow the example of our parents, who are Christian speakers, as well as the examples of an array of evangelical leaders who wrote the books we were instructed to read. I realized later that what set my childhood experience apart from many other “PK’s” was that many of these leaders were often guests in our home and I was privileged to know many of them personally.

Ashley Reccord's Philosophy on Leadership

I have always believed God calls each of His believers to embrace not only a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, but also to accept the personal mission alongside Him to impact and influence the arena in which He places us. While the specific assignment s God has for us may change multiple times in our lives, the call to know Him personally never changes! As we grow in Him, He molds and grows both our gifts and talents to be useable in His hands. I have always had a passion for connecting people. I love planning events that build friendships and relationships, and always relished the chance to play “matchmaker.” I am thrilled God has called me to be a part of ChristianMingle.com as I firmly believe the decision of who a Christian will marry is second only in importance to coming to know Christ! Then, together as a couple, they can share the love of their lives, and be equally yoked to live out God’s plan. But, many Christian singles tell me they find it challenging to meet people who share their commitment to Christ and passion to follow Him. One of the amazing gifts of our age is that the internet can virtually erase many of the barriers to finding new relationships with people who share your interests and values. Gone are the days when internet dating was considered taboo; now is an exciting time to be part of a website dedicated to helping Christians find their soul mates by building Christ centered relationships.

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Email: Ashley Reccord 
Website: http://www.christianmingle.com

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