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  • Jesus!

    Lord you know what dirties up my flesh, heart and soul and I ask that you cover me daily with your unfailing love that you have for me and ... more »

  • saving my home

    i learned a week ago my father died, back in april (back in my early 20'smy dad tried to rape me )the city never contacted me, and they are ... more »

  • New Job opportunity

    I'm blessed to have found the job I'm currently at but it is not the right fit for me. This job is at a call center and deep insidei feel ... more »

  • healing

    I pray for God's will as I continue working as a Caregiver. Help me to have wisdom and understanding in how I proceed with different ... more »

  • Up hill clime

    I'm divorced. I never wanted to be, but we were two people too stubborn to stop it. Now I'm trying to reconcile with her. She is the only ... more »

  • lonely

    Lord help me to be faithful and trust that you know whats best for me. ... more »

  • Moving on after a horrible breakup

    I am having such a hard time after a break up that happened almost 2 years ago. I never got answers to why he left nor could talk to me. I ... more »

  • Lonelieness

    I have had boyfriends in middle and high school but the longest one lasted a little over a year. My last relationship ended in between my ... more »

  • Uncle

    My Uncle about a year ago was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The Doctors gave him a type of medication that was an experimental hormone ... more »

  • healing

    Paul Howell, in ER, don't have any details ... more »

  • forgiveness

    Oh G-D of ABRAHAM forgive my neighbors and I for our shortcomings and extend freedom and chastity to us all now not later heal my sicknesses ... more »

  • God Centered Relationship

    I would like to find a husband, that can be a strong household leader. ... more »

  • Prayer Title

    I met a great guy, and we seemed to hit it off. similar interests, wants, etc. however, he is very reluctant to allow me into his daily ... more »

  • Dreams

    Please God I am in need of your presence I lost my job because they went out of business and while I was working there I was recently saving ... more »

  • wisdom and understanding

    Home Instead Senior Care administrator and staff, April Schumann, Chastity Stanford, Ron Hobbs, Julie Fenner, Michelle Hayley, to be fair ... more »