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  • financial

    Dear heavenly father I come to you with a request I am in desperate need of a job I been unemployed for almost 2 months now and I am getting ... more »

  • A Prayer for My Friends

    I'm praying for three of my dear friends who are sick. I'm asking for prayers for Barb S, Gary A ... more »

  • Helpless at rescue mission

    At the rescue mission there are those that need a touch from our Lord. We need intervention for those that are suffering from respitory and ... more »

  • Nervous

    after a 33 year marriage ending in divorce, it has been almost 4 year and I will probably be going on my first date since the divorce. I ... more »

  • Eliminate homelessness, hunger and loneliness!

    I pray Lord that you may eliminate homelessness, hunger and loneliness. There are too many people that fall in these 3 categories, all ... more »

  • help Amy finish her essay

    Please may all Christians (those who get their prayers answered by god I would prefer) please pray for Amy to get her neuro assignment ... more »

  • Pray for work

    May God put his hand on my life and give me the Power to succeed at my job search. Allow me to find a job at my age 55 years. A job that is ... more »

  • First decision stand

    I ask for Our Father in heaven to conviction Rich Tebow to do the right thing with the position that is open in A/P department. Put the lies ... more »

  • Thank you God you still work MIRCALES today

    TRY TO. POST THIS IN MIRCALES LAME FOR 16 MONTHS TO DAY I WALK Back in December 2012 I was diagnosed with HODSKINS LIMPHOMA. I was miss ... more »

  • My son's release

    I'm asking for prayer for my son Ronnie. He's incarcerated and have been gone for four and a half years. He's learned his lesson. I'm ... more »

  • Finance

    I'm writing to request prayer for my family and myself. We are behind on our mortgage payment and I'm asking you all to please pray for ... more »

  • delivrance

    Father God ,i trust and wait on you to bring in my way this wonderful husband ,you said is not good for a man to be alone, O Lord ,give ... more »

  • A new beginning

    I am trying to leave an emotionally and verbal abusive relationship to move close to family. I pray for God's help, hand, and love through ... more »

  • Lord I need your help

    Lord Jeasus I am trying to wait on you to send some one in my life that I might meet some one to be with I pray for my children and family ... more »

  • Please pray for mymetal and physical health

    I have been on a short term leave of absence since August and I supposed to be back at work in a week and I am so afraid that I am not going ... more »