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  • healing salvation

    need totalhealing from lifetime ofdrugs boooze smoking and gunshot and other abominable things im to ashamed of amparalyzed and bedrriiden ... more »

  • Lost

    I have been lost for some time now and do not know what to do. I feel guilty for asking anyone for help, but I need help and have prayed ... more »

  • mother and son reltionship

    please pray for my sister teresa and her son adam that they can have a good reltionship. remove all past hurts anger that was in the past ... more »

  • spritual healing

    please pray for jr as i believe he is under spritual attack by people aaround him that that do not want him to be happy. let him come home ... more »

  • disc problems

    hello everyone my prayers go out to you all. please pray for my disc problem in my back that it will be cured by the nerve block i will be ... more »

  • help jesus out of this fianncail pit

    jesus help me with my fianances. i am going to lose my house and all i worked so hard for. put it upon my family memebers heart to help me ... more »

  • confused in this relationship

    hellol please pray for me and my sons father. he was gone to another state came home was on the spritual path but has gone off it and seems ... more »

  • rent payment and utility payment

    I ask as well that God can meet my rent payment and utility costs for the months of sept and october, my income decreased over 1000 a month ... more »

  • Establishment for someone to start a 40 ministry

    Hi there. I would like to request prayer for a ministry to start up that could help women who are over 40 who are waiting for a spouse. I ... more »

  • sell my house

    It would indeed be a miracle if my house sells. There are many houses for sale in my community. I am standing in faith that my house will ... more »

  • For James Foley

    Dear Lord, I pray now for the family and friends of James Foley as they grieve over the loss of their loved one. He will be sourly missed ... more »

  • Deliver us from evil.

    Please deliver all those Christians and others from the hands of ISIS. Also help us to get our country out of the hands of these people ... more »

  • Job security

    I'm praying that I can get a full-time job where I can be off on the weekends. I truly miss church and I barely get to spend time with my ... more »

  • Relationship Restoration

    Please pray for the restoration of the relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I believe that the more people who pray for an item the powerful ... more »

  • Physical healing

    Lloyd Jackson, 85, has neuropathy in his feet. Vally, 82, ailing in her legs, both need a complete healing in their bodies. ... more »