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  • Strength, guidance and comfort...

    I just lost my last grandma who was so very dear to me. Please pray for comfort and peace for my papaw and family and I in learing to live ... more »

  • My Wife

    Please pray for the manifestation of the wife that God has for me and that when we meet each other and begin to date that we would look to ... more »

  • Physical healing

    Annie, 89, complete healing in her body from bladder infection, pneumonia, fluid around lungs, give the doctors wisdom and knowledge, to ... more »

  • help me

    Ive been single for years and now am ready for love in my life and need to find a person that is God fearing and loves the Lord and i need ... more »

  • I need deliverance from a possible demon

    I think i'm being cursed by an evil spirit of incubus for sometime now and i'm really trying to get uncursed. I know i believe in the good ... more »

  • 4 Year Relationship

    I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and we have just started looking at rings talking about getting engaged. He told me 2 months ago ... more »

  • I need a miracle

    Father God, Thank You for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Thank You for the life You've given me, and the lessons you've taught. ... more »

  • Please Prayer for my son, Russell

    He is a young man, 49, and was taken to the hospital with his blood pressure at 56/49, but got him stabilized and it was soon rising and was ... more »

  • Please pray for my husband

    Please pray for my husband Roger who thinks God has given up on him. He is not saved. He is so lost. He says he is as far from God as the ... more »

  • More Faith

    Please pray for me for an increase of faith and hunger for the Lord. Thank you all and God bless you, Doug ... more »

  • relationship

    I Could Really Use Help In Praying That A Healthy Relationship Comes Soon. I've Spent30 YearsSearching And Still Have Not Met The Right ... more »

  • Disability

    Please pray for my friend, John. He is going before the Disability Judge in the morning, 8/19 to see if he qualifies for disability. Please ... more »

  • Thank you Jesus

    Thank you Jesus for sustaining my family through our financial hardship. I ask that you continue to bless my family and watch over us as I ... more »

  • A young mans prayer

    i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when i was 19 years, there are times in my life now that i become depressed and i can tell its ... more »

  • healing deliverance savation

    need totalhealing from lifetime ofdrugs boooze smoking and gunshot and other abominable things im to ashamed of amparalyzed and bedrriiden ... more »