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  • For Good Samaritans

    I had the misfortune of running out of gas yesterday in rush hour near a busy intersection. I was by myself, and without my cell phone. ... more »

  • No food

    Please pray for me and my family.... we have no food and don't know when we are going to get any. ... more »

  • God-Fearing man

    I am praying for God to delivery me a God-fearing Christian man. I know that he is out there and hasn't found me yet. I just pray God ... more »

  • God's Will

    I recently resigned for my job. It was a toxic environment that was not a good fit for me. I prayed and prayed about what I should do and ... more »

  • Dissertation

    Im hoping that God will watch over me in my travel to Cahokia Mounds for my PhD studies. I wish for people to help me pray to have more ... more »

  • My brother Jordan with special needs

    Hi i am Jordan's sister Erin..... Jordan is 21 years old and Jordan has server Autism and he is non-verbal. We have been looking for a ... more »

  • Healing From Divorce

    A few weeks ago just before our 8 year anniversary, my wife suddenly stated to me that she wanted a divorce. She did this without even ... more »

  • Praying for Comfort

    Lost the Love of my Life this past November; and its hard trying to put the pieces of my Life together for the first time. I miss him so ... more »

  • Prayer for finances

    Please pray for me to find a better job. I graduated college two years ago and am working on seminary so that I can study to be a Lutheran ... more »

  • partner in Lord

    Hi, I want to pray about my future wife, that the Lord would connect us together that we become one and serve our God with all our might ... more »

  • single moving in with friends

    I am financial srap and cannot make rent or get food. Please pray that God will provide for me. ... more »

  • Husband making significantly less

    My husband and I have been married over 5 years and just had our third child. We are financially strapped right now, sometimes I'm scared ... more »

  • Increased Faith

    I come to you today father in prayer that you continue to increase my faith. For me to continue to have faith during the hard times as well ... more »

  • God's Will

    I've been divorced 4 yrs now, I have not gone on a date @ all. That's what I wanted was not to date, I needed to just give 100% of myself ... more »

  • Move forward

    I need prayers to help me move forward from a previous relationship. I continually look back instead of looking forward. I need help and ... more »