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  • faith

    I am praying now that GOD will hear my prayer. I signed over custody 8 years ago to my ex-husband we both have joint custody however his is ... more »

  • healing

    Marsha Hay, stroke ... more »

  • Love From My Family and Enemies

    Dear Lord, I ask you to please give me strength and forgiveness in my life. I have made many mistakes throughout my life and I lost my way ... more »

  • Health

    I would like prayer for my health,for test that I have done on my lungs and eyes. That the Lord heal me . For healing of my body. That I may ... more »

  • Ex-wife find true peace and happiness

    My ex-wife and mother to my two kids/young adults is unsettled and unhappy in her life. She is creating conflict, stress, and un-called for ... more »

  • Unknown Cause

    October of last year I was deathly sick with sepsis and praise God I am here. I do not feel well still and its affecting every aspect of my ... more »

  • Pray for those suffering from addiction

    John 8:31-32 31 To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said, " If you hold to my teaching, you really are my disciples. 32 Then you will ... more »

  • She is not a friend. She will betray you. Pray for healing.

    Please pray that Talecia Bell be exposed. She is a cleaver decietful, scheming female that can not be trusted. She is sleeping with other ... more »


    I know that I have my faults and I am not perfect. I don't wish to be who and what I am anymore, while I thought I was a good person I only ... more »

  • Amen

    I pray for healing and comfort. Strength and courage for His faithful and kind in heart. May they be lifted up this day in the name of Jesus ... more »

  • Strength

    Hi everyone, I have two friends who are smokers who need and want to quit. Please pray for God to give them strength and determination in ... more »

  • Divorced with a son

    I have a wonderful son, I am doing all I can for us but just pray for, he and I to have the father he deserves, he has long term mentors, ... more »

  • My marriage

    It's going to take a miracle to keep my marriage together. It's all about financials. We love each other I just don't have the means to ... more »

  • prayer for a friend

    Please pray for my friend, He has bid on contract for his business. This will help start the new business that will help him start a new ... more »

  • Prayer for a friend

    My friend has been married to an abusive spouse for 8 years. She has a son, and her husband beats her in front of him. She's been trying to ... more »