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  • jacqueline thomas and timothy jones

    i need prayer for Jacqueline Thomas and timothy jones that he see what pain he has cause me and that i will be ok with what ever GOD wants ... more »

  • Heal my Grandson Korey Kai

    Dear Heavenly Father , Ke Akua, My Grandson was burned in a fire.I ask thee humbly for healing and complete recovery without scars, both ... more »

  • Needing Support

    I was in a relationship for 2.5 years and was only 1 month from asking her to marry me when she decided it was over. We never faught or ... more »

  • Family

    To Whom This May Concern To: I need prayer for me as a single mother with four kid's and no help from the other half. I just had a baby 10 ... more »

  • Praying for a new start in a new state

    Wonderful Lord, please keep Matthew and Sandra and their daughter Rebecca close to your heart. May they seek and find their new purpose in ... more »

  • strength and patience

    Asking for prayers for the strength to stay out of an unhealthy relationship and the patience to wait for the right one. ... more »

  • Prayer Title

    please god master and creater lord who give and take way let the evil enities be gone of there personnal vendetta claims. please god ... more »

  • Desperate to help in time to save a child

    Desperate for prayer for a 13 yr old girl. She lives in a dysfunctional and emotional abusive home. Step grandma has been outed from the ... more »

  • change

    I am asking and praying for a big turnaround for home instead senior care for the company and staff, in Nebraska and north Texas. ... more »

  • gratitude

    Thank you for all that I am today, for giving me the strength move forward in this time of stress and please dear God help to find a good ... more »

  • Healthy Baby

    Over the sacred blood of Jesus Christ I pray my dear friends Aug and Sue will soon have a healthy baby which brings them much joy and love. ... more »

  • Peace

    Please pray that I can find peace in the newly established relationship my children hold with their father. Please pray that my children ... more »

  • strength

    please pray for the Spencer family. ... more »

  • healing

    please pray for God to heal my stepdad. ... more »

  • dad

    my dad has to do bone mayo and pray him and family can move forward ... more »