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  • Certification Test

    I am taking a test on Friday August 1st to become certified to teach Middle School math. The test is currently being modified and the first ... more »

  • Zack Key

    I pray for my friend, Zack who will be hooked to some equipment this week hoping that his tests go well, will be hooked up Monday through ... more »

  • David Dunn

    David is in the hospital in Amarillo, and is having surgery Wednesday, and I just want to pray for him and his family, hope that he is going ... more »

  • The end is getting closer

    The Bible prophesies are starting to unfold before our very existence! I know that the Lord will protect His people. My prayers go out to my ... more »

  • Moving on

    Please pray for me and my courage to go through my last year of high school, I'm scared to death to move out, and I'm scared about what ... more »

  • Betrayal

    I was betrayed by a girl that I had fallen in love with. In the end run she said all I was, was an escape. I feel like she really hurt me ... more »

  • Need job ASAP

    Please pray for a job for me. I am a single mother of two currently out of a job. I only have about one month's worth of rent, or else my ... more »

  • Pray for Emilee

    Dear All: Please find this prayer request below with sincerity and genuineness and I pray that the Lord will lead you to pray and SHARE. ... more »

  • Our Family

    Please pray for our mom. She is still in love with our dad, and our grand mother ( his mom) has talked him into dating someones else. Our ... more »

  • Independent

    Lord please bless our project, and lets spread your words through the project ... more »

  • Down and out

    Please pray for me as I work on trying to repair what I hope is not lost. This is a trying time. I often question why things are as they ... more »

  • Restoration

    Pray for Holly's husband to receive Salvation and become healthy again and restore the marriage. ... more »

  • forgiveness

    I need prayers for myself. I have been taking care of my father and mother for the past 4 years. I have not outlet and it is affecting my ... more »

  • Please let my dad get better

    please pray for my dad please let him be able to eat again and walk again and for the cancer not to spread or come back ... more »

  • Believer with Bipolar

    I would like to pray for Sean, a Believer, who appears to be dealing with a bipolar disorder. He was abused as a child and his mother is ... more »