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  • Good news for aunt bad news for me

    A month ago, my aunt told me about a job she had applied for and I to,d her that I woul pray for her. Well recently she told me that she ... more »

  • To mend a broken heart

    My daughter is dealing with a broken heart starting with the death of her father. They were very close. It's like they were of one mind. ... more »

  • My Grandson

    Please pray for my grand son Colten. He has a not on his head and he not but two and a half months ols. Thay say thay he might have to wear ... more »

  • Please pray for healing

    Please pray for healing for my Dad. He is recovering from a stroke. May God Bless and Thank You. ... more »

  • If God's Will

    I like this girl I've noticed and so I gave her a text and I've been hoping and praying she will respond back with the same feelings or at ... more »

  • my son needs immediate prayer

    my son is in jail they have set a 75,000 bond he has no car, I have no working car, we have no money, yet they say he is a flight risk. he ... more »

  • Please pray for my sister, Kathi

    Please pray for my sister Kathi who has been engages in a courageous battle against leukemia for the past 18 months. On the day that she ... more »

  • Tommy Hearn

    My grandson goes to court tomorrow please pray that the D.A. softens his hart and gives my grandson a lesser sentence then 6 years. We need ... more »

  • Please pray for my Dad

    Please pray for my Dad, his name is Michael and he is a Christian. He is in the hospital recovering from a perforated bowel as he battles ... more »

  • A For All

    Lord I see people of all kind, in need of help, some going out of there minds. Lord, It's only through You, and this is real, cause You ... more »

  • I find the Right Guy

    I Just went through a Bad Break up and i need To Find God in my Life and i need a good christian Guy in my Life that has a Job and that dose ... more »

  • Friend In need of Healing

    Please continue to pray for my sick friend who is still unconscious in the hospital ICU. Also pray for me, I have cried so many tears for ... more »

  • A man to help me grow in faith

    Im a single mommy of 4 kids and I want so much for them to have a father figure in their lives. So I pray that God sends us a good man to ... more »

  • Brother

    Pray for my brother who is driving my parents crazy. My parents are getting older and my mother has 4th stage cancer. ... more »

  • Broken Heart

    I was recently hurt by the father of my daughter. He had left us without worrying if we were going to be okay. He said he loved me but it ... more »