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  • Ready to give up

    I have had a great career of over 35 years in medical and surgical devices and have traveled the world working with a wide variety of ... more »

  • To be healed and whole

    Heavenly Father, I thank you for this wonderful weekend with my family. I am sorry for all my sins. Please bind up my wounds and make me ... more »

  • Need a miracle

    I pray that someone will help me get my debts paid up this month and next month to get back track and get feed for my animals , so credit ... more »

  • my daughter and grandaughter

    I pray for my daughter Michelle ,that she will regain her faith. Please bless my grand aught Shopie,that she has had her clef palette ... more »

  • depress

    I feel loneliness and depress. I wish I can find a date and I am failure in everything I desire to do. Please pray to our Lord ... more »


    I need to make a decision....I have been living in sin for the last three years with my boyfriend. Lately it has been bothering me to the ... more »

  • Prayer for My Path to Improve

    My prayer is for my path (educationally and romantically) to improve. I have found myself with a roadblock at college please pray for me to ... more »

  • catherine

    i heard a "it is when a demon sex" i really dont want doom from Baal worshipers or satan. i really dont want a baal problem. it seems to ... more »

  • broken relationship

    My husband has moved out and I would like prayer that his heart finds it's way back to our family. ... more »

  • My dad

    Please pray for my dad. He's 85 and has vascular dementia and on 3/29 he got dehydrated and was hospitalized which in receiving several ... more »

  • For my self, friends , and famili, neighbors

    Hi, Believe: My name is Dustin, I am 29 years of age and live in Erie, Co I was wondering, I have had some interesting ... more »

  • my family

    I"m disabled i lost my only son in 06 at the age of 19.i have had 2 heart attacks and died fixing to lose both parents due to ... more »

  • my brother Tony

    in need of a triple bipass. 63 yo. please pray for him. love GPC(gail) ... more »

  • Finding the right one...

    Please pray for me that the right woman for me, one completely supportive of my disabilities, will find me wherever she is. Allow us both, ... more »

  • Healing for Dominie Adriano

    Heavenly Father, I come to you with a humble heart acknowledging that without You, we are nothing. Father, forgive us from our sins and ... more »