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  • Finances

    I am struggling to pay all my finances on time. I don't know what to do to make it. I never have enough to pay all the bills. Please pray ... more »

  • Help

    Been struggling to find the right person for me. Strong believer in God but have been discouraged of lately. Have been divorced for over a ... more »

  • Physical healing

    Virginia H. Brown, 89, from emotional and mental strain to her mind and body ... more »

  • Soon to be young mom

    Well, I am almost 19 and just found out I'm pregnant. I'm a southern baptist, and so is the father. We've been together a long time, ... more »

  • Sex addicion

    I have been an addict of some sort since I was 16 and am now 56. I have licked the alcohol and drug addictions with God's help but now I ... more »

  • Healing

    Please pray for a friend who is dealing with 19 years of sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse at the hands of family, friends and ... more »

  • 2015

    I pray to jesus that his love and miracles seed deep in my heart thru deed and thru prayer and belief and also in yours and inside every ... more »

  • Electricity

    Pray that I get the resources to turn my electricity back on asap please :-) ... more »

  • friend in bad car accident

    I pray for Gods will to be done because they are saying she will not walk again. She was supposed to be doing her clinical's in school this ... more »

  • please help

    please pray for me i am currently dealing with 3 diseases and one anomaly all at once. I have an infection at my finger, i have Chickenpox, ... more »

  • need full time emplyment

    I am a single adult that works with autistic children. Several of the children I work with have moved up to other programs which means my ... more »

  • move

    I need to fine a house to move in to that I can rent to bye I just need pray please thank you. ... more »

  • sin and my life

    I was deeply devestated by a break with someone I thought I spend my life with. The stress took so much out of my barely a 100 pounds my ... more »


    I need prayer that i can let go of my ex wife she divorced me and now i will probably never trust anyone again. I have been waiting for her ... more »

  • Lost without my wife and step kids

    Please pray that i can let go of the hurt i feel inside from my marriage. My wife left me and its tearing my life apart. I waited 38 years ... more »