Recently a man of God came into my life and I feel that he used me for my vehicle, sex, and money. He used me for a time and now he has discarded of me as if I am nothing. I am currently going thru a divorce and am pregnant and my soon to be ex-husband also claimed to be a man of God but he was emotionally abusive and abandoned me. I was receiving confirmation from God that this man I was just involved with is supposed to be my husband, but now I am unsure of that. I am confused, need healing, guidance, and direction. Please help.
Please pray for guidance, healing, and direction for me on this matter and in my life in general. I am in so much pain right now emotionally and I just don't know what to do anymore. Now the man is completely rejecting me and doesn't want to see me anymore and I just feel I've been wronged and I did nothing to deserve his treatment of me...neither man...my husband or this man...they both came representing Jesus but their fruit was not the fruit of the spirit. Please help