Strong Words of Encouragement For Butterflytired!!!

Father loves you with such a deep & profound love! He doesn't want you to be stuck & unhappy in an unhealthy, ungodly relationship. Your loving Father wants the absolute best for you. He wants you to be free & happy. He wants your life to flourish in spite of your traumatic past. He wants to help you & provide for you. He wants to be your prime source for everything in your life. He wants to take care of you like you have never been taken care of before. He is God your Creator - the lover of your soul - the one who was tortured and slaughtered to death just for YOU - BUTTERFLYTIRED. Then He was raised back to life again so that YOU - BUTTERFLYTIRED could live forever with Him - Jesus Christ- in His Love, forgiveness, peace, joy, righteousness, and provision! If you have already received Christ into your heart then this is all yours! He has already saved you. He has already healed you. He has already paid the ultimate price for your healing & deliverance! Now its up to you to fight for it and take it. If you are depending on this guy for help, money or whatever, then I encourage you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit who is your "helper" to step in and take this guys place in your life. God will do it. If you are single, as in not married, then Father does not want you to rely on anyone but Him. To do so is idolatry. If you are living with this guy and you are not married then you are opening the doors to the enemy. Basically, you are telling the devil that he is invited into your home and your life & to go ahead and curse you. So you are allowing the devil, the enemy of your soul/life, to steal, kill, & destroy your life, and your happiness & your future,- because that is what he came to do and you are not stopping him. Please take hold of what I am sharing with you - understand that I am not trying to be insensitive to your pain, or hurt your feelings or anything like that. I am speaking the truth to you, as your sister, in God's love. But if you ask the Lord, He will come and rescue you & help you to get you out of it. I can say this because He has rescued me - many times, from many different situations. Father is good, loving, merciful, gracious, forgiving, and compassionate! He is faithful to those who put their hope & trust in Him. If you are hurting I ask you to just surrender to Him. To surrender is to release everything you are - your entire past with all its pain & trauma - your present circumstances & feelings - and your future hopes & dreams, and everything you hold dear and say "Hear Lord, I give it all to You - You do with me as You will. Your will be done in my life and not my own." Say it- Shout it out Loud & mean it with all your heart & guts. You watch and see what God Almighty will do for you. The devil whispers in your ears & tells you that you are alone and unloved and unworthy - THAT IS A HUGE LIE! FATHER HAS GIVEN YOU POWER TO BIND THE STRONGMAN. YOU TAKE AUTHORITY IN JESUS' NAME! YOU TELL him TO SHUT UP IN THE NAME OF JESUS! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU ARE NOT UNLOVED! YOU ARE NOT UNWORTHY! AND IT IS NOT TO LATE TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY! YOU ARE LIKE A PRECIOUS COSTLY DIAMOND IN FATHER GOD'S EYES AND HANDS! YOU ARE HIS DARLING LITTLE CHILD!.YOU BELIEVE IT AND YOU RECEIVE IT IN JESUS' NAME! And you know what else - you are not butterflytired! YOU ARE BUTTERFLYBEAUTIFUL! BUTTERFLYHEALTHY! BUTTERFLYSTRONG!
I Love You.