Prayer For Release From Pot Use For My Son

My son, is forty years old, he has been smoking pot since, he was fifteen. I am a recovering pothead myself. I do smoke pot or drink anymore or do any other kinds of drugs, except for my BiPolar2. Becausse if I do I think about suicide. I want Jesus to deliver my son from this disease. I have learned that it is a diseas, in treatment. I have thrown him out before, because of his pot use. I told him he could not smoke in the house and because it is a disease he can't stop smoking it three days later he broke his promise it has been three years since that promise was broken. I would like him to go to Narcotics Anonymous to find out about the disease of Addiction. But, his mind is closed, and because I have had trouble myself with this disease my track record was not that good. So he has seen me fall, lots of times, and start drinking using pills and pot. My heart wants my son to be sucessful and happy. Pot has taken his art away from him, he has not friends, just me. I love my son with all my heart, and he was a believer in Jesus when he was 12 but, since then, not. I just recently came back to Jesus myself. After 27 years of being lost, Jesus is faithful and forgives us of our sins and cleanses us. Bobbie Nelson