Emergency prayer for miracle

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am a believer. I love you and I do my best to observe your Word and commandments. I wish I could be more like you and do the right thing always but I know I do not as I struggle internally and physically with decisions many times. Lord, I come before you today, as humble as I know how, asking for a financial miracle. I know you are going to bless me with it, but I'm praying for it now. I need it now Lord. I am running out of food and very low on money to be able to provide for my daughter and myself. Lord, please see my cry, and please assist me with swift mercy and grace. Please deliver me from this situation and allow me to rejoice once before in the greatness of life that you have created for your people. Lord, please come to me today with this answered prayer. In Jesus name. Thank you God. Amen.