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Prayer Requests : Finances

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  • law suit

    Pray that I win my law suit on March 6th , when my husband past away , I left a lawyer handle everything, and I lost my house and my ... more »

  • Huge Debts, lawsuits, health problems

    I am unemployed four years longest time in my life. Was a data center coordinator at Enron Corp. in downtown Houston before Enron went ... more »

  • Foreclosure

    We have been foreclosed and have just received notice that me have 3 days to move. I believe in the promise that God my Father has made ... more »

  • Financial house miracle

    I ask you Papa God, that you give me wisdom grater then Solomon's, to receive your provision and favor to be wise and determined to ask for ... more »

  • Financeces

    I pray that I can become stable to soon take care of my son and drive and have a car be off welfare Social sercerity ... more »

  • Becoming debt free

    I pray for income to be directed to pay off debt. Struggling for so long, I would like a break and a sign that it is for me to be debt free. ... more »

  • lose of job

    I have been out of work for about a month, have leads on work just not enough to cover all my bills, I was the General manager for a ... more »

  • pray for finances

    Father God, we come boldly before your throne asking and believing in your mercy and grace. We are asking for and believing in financial ... more »

  • Need a job soon...

    I currently work a part time job but it's not enough to pay for my apartment rental and for the past 2 months my parents covered my rental ... more »

  • Music

    I pray that God teach me how to make beats and to finish writing my album called Nazareth and get it in the hands of Angie Winans. ... more »

  • running out of time.

    I was my mommas caregiver for the last 7 years. she went to heaven almost 1 year ago, i lost her ... more »

  • Prayer for those in need of a miracle.

    Please pray for myself and a close family friend who is struggling in her finances. she over spends,borrows and has a hard time paying back ... more »

  • prayer guidence

    I am 47yrs. old , i am the youngest of five siblings which has passed on with my mother and father . I have one daughter who is 26yrs. old ... more »

  • Help in the hour of need

    Please agree with me in prayer for my financial break through. I've been struggling lately wirh my finances. ... more »

  • Barely surviving

    I have a doctorate degree and over 35 years of experience in a highly technical area of medicine and surgery but cannot find work. I'm ... more »