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Prayer Requests : Finances

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  • Selling House

    Please pray that my house sells quickly. It has been on the market for almost 4 months and I cannot afford to pay for 2 houses much longer. ... more »

  • New job and relocation

    Please pray with me for my finances to open and to find a great job and to be off Sundays. May the Lord bless me with the perfect job for me ... more »

  • Friend needs help desperately!

    My sons friend has no power at her home, no water, no car, with kids at home. she lives in another part of the state ... more »

  • Emotional

    Almighty GOD, You are my LORD, and gratefully for my daily blessings, I Praise Your Holy Name.- LORD, I am certainly in faith expecting ... more »



  • Thank You!

    Lord, Thank You So Much For What You Have Blessed Me With. I Don't Have The Biggest House, Or The Fastest Car, But I Have A Great Job, A ... more »

  • Help my young kids realize their dream

    Our 14-year-old and 10-year-old are busy trying to let their dream project , a self-published family guidebook entitled "LAS VEGAS ... ARE ... more »

  • I need help!

    I really need help. I am in financial ruin. I retired from teaching 8 years ago. I barely make enough money to pay my bills. I am unable to ... more »

  • job

    God I am asking you to open a door for me. For a better paying job. A clerical position that I will enjoy and be happy going to everyday. ... more »

  • my friend angel

    please pray for my friend jennifer angel picard who needs money to pay her phone bill and her rent so wont be homless again ... more »

  • Financial Blessing

    Dear Prayer warriors I am asking you to stand in agreement for a monetary blessing Please pray for me to become debt free. As well as a man ... more »

  • Need SSI monthly payments to exceed 1501.00

    dear god i'm asking you to increase my SSI to no less than 1501.00 monthly up to 2000.00 per month for as long as i shall live this is so ... more »

  • Prayer for Forgiveness, Peace, Blessings in my Life.

    Prayer for Forgiveness, Peace, Blessings in my Life. Please pray for me and ask Lord Jesus to forgive me for all the wrong and evil I have ... more »

  • Family

    I need prayer for me to find a job and get on my feet. I want to be able to get a place of my own for me and my daughter so I can stop ... more »

  • Interviews and freelance

    Dear Lord please help me with job huntingand career, and other freelance work, help me go through my pennyless situation. ... more »