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Prayer Requests : Finances

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  • My direction, hope, and salvation

    I ask in Jesus almighty name to help me with my relationship with God in building a great bond with him. I pray that the Lord may guide the ... more »

  • business

    I believe Jesus' teaching on prayer that if 2 agree, My Father will do it. I am starting a new business and have been diligently preparing ... more »

  • Licensing Exam

    Dear Lord, Please grant me the ability to adequately prepare for and pass my upcoming licensing exam. In Jesus' name I pray Amen ... more »

  • that my car always had enough gas to take daughter to school

    I pray that I always have money for gas for my car so that I may be able to take my daughter to a really good charter school 25 minutes away ... more »

  • please pray for me

    please pray for my spritual life is very weak, and also my financial break through, and I need Gods healing upon my body ... more »

  • work needed

    need work all this week ... more »

  • I need a miracle

    Father God, Thank You for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Thank You for the life You've given me, and the lessons you've taught. ... more »

  • Disability

    Please pray for my friend, John. He is going before the Disability Judge in the morning, 8/19 to see if he qualifies for disability. Please ... more »

  • Need this job.

    I am currently waiting to hear the results of a job application that I placed and sure would like to get good news from it. I want it. I ... more »

  • financial breakthrough

    I need a new job, my current job is a war zone and a lot of spiritual warfare is going on ... more »

  • Finances

    Dear God it's been really hard paying for bills and buying a Car and stuff and I know that in time you will help I just pray everything ... more »

  • College Freshman

    Hello and good evening, My name is Sarai Orbe and I will be attending trinity christian College this month of August. Since I am Mexican ... more »

  • miracle funds needed

    I have been passed up for 2 jobs now, age, sex discrimination, just really upset that the Lord did not give me this job since I did ... more »

  • Save Our Family

    Since my re-birth I have been struggling to provide for my family. My mortgage is in arrears and the bank is trying to take our home. I know ... more »

  • wisdom

    For Discover financial services, the staff, to understand that I do not have the money to pay off this debt. Let them charge the debt ... more »