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Prayer Requests : Finances

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  • financial breakthrough

    I need a new job, my current job is a war zone and a lot of spiritual warfare is going on ... more »

  • Finances

    Dear God it's been really hard paying for bills and buying a Car and stuff and I know that in time you will help I just pray everything ... more »

  • College Freshman

    Hello and good evening, My name is Sarai Orbe and I will be attending trinity christian College this month of August. Since I am Mexican ... more »

  • miracle funds needed

    I have been passed up for 2 jobs now, age, sex discrimination, just really upset that the Lord did not give me this job since I did ... more »

  • Save Our Family

    Since my re-birth I have been struggling to provide for my family. My mortgage is in arrears and the bank is trying to take our home. I know ... more »

  • wisdom

    For Discover financial services, the staff, to understand that I do not have the money to pay off this debt. Let them charge the debt ... more »

  • Job interview

    I have a job interview for deputy sheriff. Please pray that I shine with God tomorrow. ... more »

  • Interview

    I have a interview tomorrow for a deputy sheriff. This is alot more money than I am making now. Plus insurance, this is my dream job. I ... more »

  • Trust that God WILL provide

    I am trusting Papa God fully, although, as I am doing His ministry, my expenses and bills are struggling to be paid. I am renouncing the lie ... more »

  • Sarah Johnson

    I have several needs but my client that I have had for two years is now in the hospital and may not get to come home- so that means no job ... more »

  • A check is expected

    We are expecting a check for monthly expenses and it has not arrived yet. Please pray with us that the money comes soon. ... more »

  • financial

    I need 40 hours a week, as I work as a Caregiver, for elderly people. I know this is a ministry, I need God's will if it is for me to ... more »

  • Daughters university accommodation and foster children

    Please pray that God will help me get the finance for my daughters university accommodation and that he will send the right young people for ... more »

  • finances

    I need 40 hours a week! ... more »

  • Prayer Title

    I am in a lot of financial difficulty please pray my finances would improve Thankyou ... more »