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Prayer Requests : Finances

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  • Renewal

    My beautiful, wonderful wife returned to the Lord in January and I am not coping well, I miss her with all of my heart. I need help getting ... more »

  • Work

    Please pray with me and for me that the Good Lord, our God, will bring me to a job, please take my fear of being homeless Amen ... more »

  • Moving

    I feel God is leading me to move to another state for family reasons. The situation seems to be moving along but there are some roadblocks ... more »

  • House sold?

    I have a house that has been up for sale. Supposedly it's been sold but the buyer keeps putting me off and it's been 3 weeks now. ... more »

  • Thy will be done.

    Lord help me to understand what it is you desire for me. Help me to improve myself so that I may please you. Let this business flourish with ... more »

  • finances

    Finances, for James A. ... more »

  • Financial Struggle

    Looking for a job that I can support my children on and also looking for that special companion ... more »

  • financial miracle

    hello. fairly new to the site. but always been a believer in the LORD since my child. i am a hard working man, but do not have a church ... more »

  • Finance

    Everlasting father, i pray to you today, to open the doors of heaven to shower blessings on me, i pray that my benefactor locates me this ... more »

  • Job Hunting

    Please pray for my success in job hunting and that I may find a job to support myself soon. ... more »

  • For My finances

    Dear Lord, As i write this prayer I ask for your blessings upon those who are facing finantial problems, for the homeless, the jobless ,for ... more »


    PRAY that I'm able to do for my family, I'm having a baby and about 2 and a half months n can't buy nothing for him because I don't have ... more »

  • college finace, house, family trouble

    I feel lead by God to go to Indiana University due to how he answered so many of my prayers and opened so many doors for me there. I've ... more »

  • Desperately need a job

    I started working in healthcare as a CNA in 2002. At the end of 2009 I was helping to pull an obese patient up in the bed when I heard a ... more »

  • New Job Career

    My Name is Nathaniel St.Pierre I have been at the same job for 11 years and its going nowhere. I recently applied at local prisons to work, ... more »