Health concern for 16-yr-old daughter

I took my daughter to a follow-up Dr appt today - there is concern for her digressing weight loss with no explanation. They found an abnormality in her blood (ANA ratio 1/80 speckled) & high white blood cell count in her urine. She already has progressive scoliosis, so they drew 9 viles of blood & took a full skeletal xray. We ended up being at the hospital much of the day. First they couldn't get blood to flow enough for one vile in the right arm. Then they had to stop in the left arm because she started vomiting & almost blacked out during the fifth vile. We had to take her to eat a full meal & return w/in 4 hrs to draw the remaining blood. Pending suspected results, she will be referred to a Rheumatologist. Please pray for complete healing of whatever is wrong in my child.