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Prayer Requests : Health

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  • Believe Miller

    May the Lord bless you and hold you close to him while you heal. Allow the Lord to help both of us in anyway he wants to use us and help us ... more »

  • Emotional stability

    Almighty God of all things I beseech thee to heal past hurts and present assaults on the stability of thy child Chad, grant oh Lord thy ... more »

  • My Daughter

    Please I need prayer for my daughter Kristina, She had two blood clots already so she is on blood thinners, she had gastric bypass surgery ... more »


    Time for holiday family and fun and I have family coming for Thanksgiving, just a week away! I certainly cannot allow my precious grand ... more »

  • pain all over

    Heal me dear Father..I have fibromayglia now for 10 years,I am going to see a neurologist next week,I am praying he gives me the right meds ... more »

  • Pray for Kevin

    I have hepatitis C and hypertension, I believe the Lord can totally heal me,. please pray for me to be delivered from this virus,for my ... more »

  • Heal me lord

    Heal me lord. Please heal my brokenness. May I always be full of peace, joy, self- controlled and in my right mind. Please remove all anger, ... more »

  • My aches n pains

    Back n thighs ache n cramping out. Left ankle mildly strained. That I might take care with heat pad n frozen veggie I e Pam on back ... more »

  • That we all take good care during early cold weather😳

    That dear Lord from head to toes those struggling with brain cancer n tors n aneurysm . That God might heal them each. N bones broken or ... more »

  • My Mother, Mai, need a miracle

    My Mother, Mai, is 75 years old had 2 car accidents in a month. Now she is suffering her left shoulder, arm, pain, left hand's fingers ... more »

  • Heal me from cancer and help me get a job

    I am thirty nine and I just found out that I have cancer. I had to move in with extended family and give up my apartment and animals. I had ... more »

  • Healing

    Please pray for Tia and Tony both have cancer.Tia is in her 3rd round of cancer. This is Tony's first. Tia is only about 21 yrs old. tony ... more »

  • Healing

    A good friend has discovered lumps in her breasts. I pray for healing and strength for her. ... more »

  • healing

    Jim Meltabarger, 70's, physical healing from recent stroke, doing good, continue pray for complete healing. ... more »

  • Thank you Jesus

    Thank you Jesus for all your blessings. At this time I ask to keep my apartment with ARM with Save the Family while I continue to search for ... more »