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Prayer Requests : Health

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  • healing

    my sister is in the hospital. she is concerned that she will have a blockage and have to have surgery again. pls pray that she is healed ... more »

  • Prayer

    Health and encouragement. Thanks ... more »

  • Uncle

    My Uncle about a year ago was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The Doctors gave him a type of medication that was an experimental hormone ... more »

  • healing

    Paul Howell, in ER, don't have any details ... more »

  • healing

    my sister is having surgery-pls pray that her surgery is a success and that she remains cancer free ... more »

  • Health and New friends

    I decided to quit smoking and drinking (occasionally) and it is hard. I ask for you to pray for me to stop completely so that I can have a ... more »

  • physical healing

    Maria Spivey, strength and encouragement, she had a recent surgery to help her breathe. She don't like being alone right now. ... more »

  • for me

    I sufer weth Anxiety in depressed in ane some time bad thing inter my mine dose God hold me responsed for this i dont wat them to inter may ... more »

  • physical healing

    Blanche Garhart, bedbound, can't use left side, she has a private caregiver, but I go tomorrow to help out, I can't lift, I pray they ... more »

  • Bill

    Please pray for Bill in Minneapolis who is only 62 years old and went into the hospital for pneumonia and his chances are not good according ... more »

  • Health

    I have RA and I stay tired. no energy. Depressed a lot. I need a lot of prayer. ... more »

  • physical healing

    Olympian Amy Van %$#!%n-Rouen, paralyzed from an ATV accident, wanting to walk again. ... more »

  • physical healing

    Marla, 57, nauseated stomach ... more »

  • spritual healing

    please pray for jr as i believe he is under spritual attack by people aaround him that that do not want him to be happy. let him come home ... more »

  • disc problems

    hello everyone my prayers go out to you all. please pray for my disc problem in my back that it will be cured by the nerve block i will be ... more »