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Prayer Requests : Health

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  • i need your help god.

    please help my dear friend john who fell off yhe wagon. please help my son who has been in and out of hospitals 11 times.please bless my ... more »

  • Please pray for me

    I do not like asking for myself but please, I had begged our Lord for three years to give me my wife back but be gave me something better he ... more »

  • Prayer for PurpleFountainGrass

    Heavenly Father, Be close with our friend and guide the hands of the surgeons in their effort to end her chronic pain. Grant her peace and ... more »

  • Earthquake and Tsunimias Japan

    Let all pray for the people of Japan and the rest of the Pacific rim that GOd wll keep us safe as warning of tsunamis reach all of us, This ... more »

  • Christians and Jews surrounded by Middle Eastern chaos.

    I pray for God's arms of mercy to deliver the Christians from harm's way in and around the Middle East and SWAsia. Please Father in ... more »

  • a teacher gone

    Dear God i just got a recording on my phone letting me know that something happened to my daughters teacher yesterday and shes now deceased ... more »

  • Tornadoes in Missouri

    Dear Heavenly Father:Please help all those affected by the devastating tornado that went through their area yesterday. Please guide the ... more »

  • suicide

    Please pray for my x boygriend who tried to committ suicde yesterday.All i can do is pray for him. Although our relationship would never ... more »

  • I Don't Want to Die!

    I am a single parent of two. my closest family member is in Petersburg. i found out today that due to my cardiomarthopy that i have to hve ... more »

  • Devastation from Tornado's

    Our most heavenly father we know that you were there in the midst of the storms that happened this week. We know that those who died were ... more »

  • Little girl in a comma

    The wonderful man I met on her and who I have been chatting with for many weeks now hasn't chatted in a couple days. Come to find out, they ... more »

  • Prayer

    God, Please assist me in stopping smoking and remaining smoke free. Please help me beat this demon for good. May your will be done. Amen ... more »

  • Service dog died

    Please pray for Martha, she's my sister. She put her service dog down this afternoon. The dog had back and hind leg problems. It's the 1st ... more »

  • Sister's Chemotherapy

    Please pray for my sister Daisy, she will find out tomorrow about what type of Chemo she will be receiving. All is based on DNA. The doctor ... more »

  • healed

    i am heald from food intollerance symptomes ,i can sleep and function now Thank You Jezus.and now i can issuw they want to stop ... more »