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  • Praying for a Miracle

    In short, I was recently diagnosed as having a tumor on my pituitary gland (basically a brain tumor). I am having an MRI this Friday to ... more »

  • Blood clot in leg.

    I need prayer for the healing of the blood clot in my leg. It was found 5 weeks ago. The first few weeks I had to inject lovenox in my ... more »

  • Colorado Fires


  • Dying

    Please, anyone, pray for my ex. Her name is Elizabeth Kelley and her doctors are telling her that she's dying. All she wants in life is to ... more »

  • A little baby girl with cancer.

    There is a little baby girl, who was born with cancer, i am asking my christian sisters and brothers to pray with me, especially on may 12. ... more »

  • Please Pray for My Aunt

    Dear God, Please heal my aunt. Her CEA level is up. We will go to the doctor to find out if it has dropped next month. She may ... more »

  • Prayer

    Dear Lord I’m about to start a new challenge and a new journey. I have always put myself last, but for the next 120 days I’m going to ... more »


    ....needing prayer for freedom from something that has had control over my life for awhile now.I am turning 50 this year and decided it was ... more »

  • Lexi

    This 9 year old little girl's cancer has returned an had her lung removed the other, We hope this will be a curative measure. Also, the ... more »

  • Alcoholism, Anxieties & Depression

    Dear God, Pls touch my special friend Hanna Kudryacheva as she undergoes this downward spiral self-destruction of alcoholism and ... more »

  • ease the pain

    I pray to you God to make this go away.The pain I suffer everyday sometimes is more than a person thinks they can bare.I know you must have ... more »

  • Falling into depression with job loss

    Single mom lost job 8 weeks, very well skilled professional, have had few very good interviews, but still no work, no family support and ... more »

  • depresion

    Yes there is Depression even in Christians I know it is evil and it can be over come it is like being in prison It is a horrible thing to ... more »

  • I thank you Lord for always coming through for me even when I cant see it.

    I really need prayer for emotional, mental and physical healing. I would love it if someone would be kind enough to pray for a stranger and ... more »

  • A cancer angel.

    I would like to ask my christian brothers and sisters to pray with me. There is a boy, just a child named Connor , and he has brain cancer, ... more »