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  • one thing after another

    Hello, Im a 29 yr. Old female who you think would be living a vibrant life! But most of my time is spent in a drs. Office or hospital! In ... more »

  • at war

    The iranian conflict was declared weeks ago, I will pray for you brother. You are incredibly brave. ... more »

  • MRSA

    I have been suffering from a MRSA infection over three years now.It almost killed me before I was diagnosed.I went through a herniated disc ... more »

  • Aaron Shust Son Michael

    Many of Aaron Shust’s songs came out of a difficult season but he still praised God and gave Him glory for simply who He is. Aaron is ... more »

  • NeededmPrayer

    Our family just learned my father has cancer. I am a daddy's girl. This one hit hard. But I know daddy is ready at any time. We are gonna ... more »

  • miracle on 34th

    I am now disabled due to heart problems after several open heart surgeries, I am seeking a realtionship but find it hard ot discuss that I ... more »

  • For the growth of child....

    Please pray for my child. His name is Samuel (a bible name). I want him to grow healthy and follow the steps as Samuel in the bible. For him ... more »

  • In my last days, I've found the the truth & light.

    There is nothing in this world that means more than love and I was never able to hold on to it for as long as I always wanted to. Lord take ... more »

  • Kim Stage 4 Cancer

    I pray in the name of Jesus for healing for my Kimmie. We stand firm on ALL of Gods promises for our lives. By His stripes we are healed. ... more »

  • recovery from 50 years of anorexia

    that i will resume my cardio and somehow get moved ---too weak in body to clean apartment, and I am considering jumping off a bridge again ... more »

  • My Daughters Pregnancy

    My daughter is 19 yrs old and 16 weeks pregnant. Her husband and her are headed to the ER right now she is having some problems Please pray ... more »

  • Dianne

    Hello to my brothers and sisters in Christ im trusting God for good health to preveil for me, when i fall asleep at nights im usually being ... more »

  • Prayer

    I am termally ill and all i ever asked for is for someone i can love and they love me for who i am. i feel now it is to late to find anyone ... more »

  • Prayer

    I am 39 years and sinlge mother or 4.....I have recently been diagnosed with SVT. This condition can cause your heart to start beating up ... more »

  • Why do bad things happen to the young

    After two heart surgeries, my now 20 year old son just received a pacemaker. He is very very depressed and none of his family or friends ... more »