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  • My Mom

    My Mom is in hospice care, which no longer means the end is near.The doctor I spoke with today said she is cutely confused, but a very nice ... more »

  • Strength

    Hi everyone, I have two friends who are smokers who need and want to quit. Please pray for God to give them strength and determination in ... more »

  • Prayer

    Please pray my employers will change my schedule to day shift due to working night shift is affecting my overall health & well being, if ... more »

  • at war

    The iranian conflict was declared weeks ago, I will pray for you brother. You are incredibly brave. ... more »

  • Friend In need of Healing

    Please continue to pray for my ear friend who remains unconscious in the hospital ICU. Please pray that God will heal him and send His ... more »

  • healing

    Marsha Hay, stroke ... more »

  • NeededmPrayer

    Our family just learned my father has cancer. I am a daddy's girl. This one hit hard. But I know daddy is ready at any time. We are gonna ... more »

  • Wanna Be Healed By God

    I was at my family doctor's office yesterday and I may be facing parerferial artery disease and I am frightned and I would really desire ... more »

  • Hospice care

    Please pray for my Mom, she was placed in Hospice care today. She seems to doing just fine. Very alert but very weak. Asking lots of ... more »

  • Healing

    Need prayer for healing. Dying from trauma from being abused.Only have little time left. Thanks!Care Bear044. Xo ... more »

  • Please Help - Prayer request

    My Sister-in-law's Brother, 'Darin Greene', is in the hospital and is fighting for his life. He is having severe heart problems do to his ... more »

  • My mom;s Pnenemonia

    Please God be with my Mom,and her doctors as they treat her for pnenomia God I always ask, please help me with my poor spelling. God bless ... more »

  • Daisy's cancer fight.

    Today, Daisy went in to Downey Regioanl 's Radiology departmant and had a piccline put in the fatty part of her arm. Tomorrow she will go ... more »

  • My Daughters Pregnancy

    My daughter is 19 yrs old and 16 weeks pregnant. Her husband and her are headed to the ER right now she is having some problems Please pray ... more »

  • one thing after another

    Hello, Im a 29 yr. Old female who you think would be living a vibrant life! But most of my time is spent in a drs. Office or hospital! In ... more »