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Prayer Requests : Health

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  • herniated disk with mrsa infection 3 years

    Pray for a total recover after struggling with pain and illness 3 years.and spending over 1 year in bed sick before the doctors caught ... more »

  • Why do bad things happen to the young

    After two heart surgeries, my now 20 year old son just received a pacemaker. He is very very depressed and none of his family or friends ... more »

  • Dianne

    Hello to my brothers and sisters in Christ im trusting God for good health to preveil for me, when i fall asleep at nights im usually being ... more »

  • Prayer

    I am 39 years and sinlge mother or 4.....I have recently been diagnosed with SVT. This condition can cause your heart to start beating up ... more »

  • Knee Pain

    My knees hurt so bad, I need prayer. ... more »

  • comfort

    Please pray for the families of all the navy seals who died in the war.They are true heroes and give us the freedom to worship in America. ... more »

  • Dear God, Bless to all that have had a major tradegy happen in their life

    Dear my Lord and Savior, I pray that you bless all that have lost people they knew before some of the latest tradegies, Bless the people of ... more »

  • Why?

    I have been saved since 2001. Despite weathering some hard times here and there, God has been good to me. Well, recently I have been ... more »

  • Daisy's cancer fight.

    Today, Daisy went in to Downey Regioanl 's Radiology departmant and had a piccline put in the fatty part of her arm. Tomorrow she will go ... more »

  • Prayer

    Dear lord my nephew is in the hospital very ill. Please lord heal him he is only 1 month old. Make him better lord. ... more »


    Please pray for my father cause he has cancer. Amen ... more »

  • Back Pain and Loneliness

    Pls pray for my back. I wake with pain and sleep the same. I am a very lonely woman. Even though I am a good person yet I cant find any. I ... more »

  • Prayer

    Please pray for me because I have been so depressed for the last 3 weeks. I have gotten so anxious as well. It all started when I got the ... more »

  • Hospice care

    Please pray for my Mom, she was placed in Hospice care today. She seems to doing just fine. Very alert but very weak. Asking lots of ... more »

  • My mother's healing

    My mother, Lynn has been sick with chronic fatigue syndrome for some 20 years, bad scoliosis that has her on disability, as well some sort ... more »