The will of the sun
Will I ever find the one
The moon the stars the sky
That I've prayed for all my life
Can it ever happen to me
The one that will never leave
The one to call mine
That will last though out time
That will always be mine
Though rain or shine
The one who shows she cares
That will always be there
Through thick or thin
Through the storms and the wind
The one to hold even when we are old
The one that prays
The one that stays
The one who will make me smile
Who will go the hole mile
That sees the sun who will never run
The one who cry s when time says good by
The one who hears all of my fears
Are you out there
My moon my sky my sunshine
The one for me the one I see
At night when I dream
Of the moon the stars in the sky
In the morning sunrise
I dont want to wake up alone
The moon the stars in the sky until Its our Time
When he call us to our place in time
To the moon the stars and the sky
Where we will never lose our sunshine