Being Alone

I’ve been reading the posts on this site from Christian girls who say they can’t find Christian men and complain that there are so many single guys in their 30’s and asking what they’re waiting for. Well, what if you’re a Christian guy who can’t ever find any Christian girls to even consider dating? I’m almost 32 and I’ve never been on a date ever. I’m not ugly, I’m employed, and I’m a nice guy. I have never been the type to date people I don’t know. I grew up in a church where everyone was 10 years older or 10 years younger than I was. I went to a secular college where most of the girls were only into sex or getting drunk. The few Christian girls I did meet were in relationships or only saw me as a friend or sidekick. As far as I know I’ve never had a girl have a crush on me or even like me. I’ve been told things like “You’re not the kind of guy a girl dates, you’re the kind they marry” and stupid stuff like “You’re not tall enough” or “You’re not my ideal guy”, but I usually get told “You’re too Christian” or “You’re not Christian enough.” A lot of the time they never bother to get to know me before I’m rejected. I never worried about it but now that I’m in my 30’s all I ever meet are missionary girls and that’s not my calling.

I have close friends who are girls and they can’t figure it out either. (We never dated because we had little in common.) A few of them suggested I try online dating but I have no luck there either. The girls I write never write back or if they do they reject me for stupid reasons. One who was 29 said “My brother is a year younger than you so that would be weird.” I’ve had other people tell me I must not be meant to have a mate and that makes me sad. Others have said God wont give you the desire for a mate if you aren’t meant to be with one. Still others tell me I must not be right with God or He’d send me someone. I’m a practicing Christian and have been one my whole life. When girls ask me about that they get turned off that I’ve saved myself for marriage or haven’t dated. Why should these things even matter? I’m not like a weird person either. I’m very normal. It must be my career or hobbies or something. What I can’t figure out is the crudest most jacked up guys are getting married and I’m still sadly single. And article here asked if you’d date yourself and I would but I don’t know why I’m repellent to women.