Heavy Heart-Guilt

I was married for two years (going through divorce now) to a man that I still love with all my heart. This man took a job out of town and I caught him cheating. Days before I caught him cheating he told me he want me and my kids to move to another state to be closer to his family while he would still be working in Texas. We would see each other on the weekends. Once I found this information out I went on a truth search. So if I knew things that others did not know about my husband I made sure they knew. One of these people is the mother of his kids that live in this other state. She is now using the information I gave her to help her with her child support case. I did not lie or fraud in anything that I told her. But now I feel bad. I feel like I should not have told her or his family about all the lies he had been telling all of us. He lied to me, his family and her. But if I would not have said anything he would have continue to get away with lying and frauding all of these people. But I do feel bad. My friends tell me not to that he is getting what was coming to him. I think I feel bad because I still love this man even with all the wrong he did to me. My friends get mad when I say I still love him. They are like you are so stupid to love a man that lied and cheated on you. I did not get married not to work through things. But he has made it clear he is not coming back. He is staying with the woman he cheated with. Any advise will be appreciated.