I want to be happy

Lord, sometimes I feel like giving up everything, everything seems worthless, can not move forward, I see my future with optimism. How many disappointments I had and how much my heart is hurt. Who believed in love I said love and saw my castle to collapse in ruins abundant. I believed in happiness and came across a huge pain. I believed in friendship and as I was disappointed. For these reasons, Lord, I stand before Thee, asking Thee I come to believe that one day can be happy. I feel an immense fear to suffer again and believe it would have no structure whatsoever, in front of a disappointment. Although knowing that in the bitter hour can better appreciate life and my attitudes, I feel sad. Grant, Lord, I can dream a new dream becomes a reality and how much desire. Heal the wounds of my heart so much suffering and anguish of loneliness. Bring me back the joy of loving, living, again. Put in my soul back hope, peace, joy, the strength of those who know that the sun shines every day, but every morning differently. Given the dark nights, I remember that the more the night is dark, the better I can see the stars. Make me all again, Lord. Banish from me all that my soul and rude Put in place, holy and firm foundations that will take me to never give up being happy. Grant me Thy constant protection. As King and Father, extend Your hands generously to this your servant and daughter, who loves you so much.