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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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    O lord my God, I pray before thee that you hear my heart and mind. I thanks you for the mercies upon me, your love and companionship. I pray ... more »

  • I need a soultion

    My friend sarah is in a 4 year custody battle and her x who is not a christian and has only one thing on his mind destroying her life and ... more »

  • Love that is Lasting/meaningful

    Hello I am in the hopes of falling in love with a special man based on sincerity , commitment and genuine caring. I want this to be a ... more »

  • total heartbreak

    I need prayer to help me overcome the breakup of my 4 year relationship with the person I believed was my soul mate and best friend. I ... more »

  • spiritual

    Pam Owens, give her a desire to come to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior. ... more »

  • he broke my heart

    He went from loving me and telling me I was God's choice for him to 2 days later dropping me like I was nothing and very cruel. I need God ... more »

  • my children and grandchildren

    For us too get closer and or me to be able to help them. My relationship with Mr Jamie speed ... more »

  • Guidance

    Mom and daughter relationship is difficult. Daughter moved out to a friends. God would give daughter guidance in her life, decisions and ... more »

  • to be bless with a life partner

    I would like to have a life partner but I am scared of making the wrong choice or getting hurt again ... more »

  • My Wife

    Please pray for the manifestation of the wife that God has for me and that when we meet each other and begin to date that we would look to ... more »

  • help me

    Ive been single for years and now am ready for love in my life and need to find a person that is God fearing and loves the Lord and i need ... more »

  • 4 Year Relationship

    I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and we have just started looking at rings talking about getting engaged. He told me 2 months ago ... more »

  • relationship

    I Could Really Use Help In Praying That A Healthy Relationship Comes Soon. I've Spent30 YearsSearching And Still Have Not Met The Right ... more »

  • Companionship

    love, i am praying to find someone to love forever, I am tired of getting hurt ... more »

  • togetherness

    Radiantlife Fellowship Church ... more »