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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • thank you in advance

    God please send me a good Christian man to spend the rest of my life with ... more »

  • Relationships

    I pray that God will lead me to the right person that has understanding for my disability ... more »

  • relationships

    starting at a new church tomorrow, and pray the lord will lead me to the right relationships... ... more »

  • Healing

    My mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and does not have very long to live according to the doctors. She has been suffering ... more »

  • Sending a good man

    I pray God will send me a good man that doesn't drink or do drugs and who Loves GOD himself . I want to be Happy again . ... more »

  • My relationship

    We were the happiest couple around! With the help, opinion and voice of those dear to us things have crumbled. Our relationship is a mess! ... more »

  • my relationship.

    I pray that my new relationship with my boyfriend, 48 yrs old. He is, will be long lasting and a happy one. I deserve to have love in my ... more »

  • asking for God to send a Husband

    I have raised all 3 of my children in the lord and now they are Grown and living there lives. I am lonely for a Husband. I Pray for Prayer ... more »

  • Looking for Mr. right

    I am alone looking for my soul mate I was wondering if there is a man out there that loves the Lord that will love me like they love the ... more »

  • Mouring

    My best friend recently died and I am full of joy he is with the Lord now and not suffering anymore. I pray for my heart to be healed as it ... more »

  • relationship

    please continue to pray for God's perfect will and clear leading for Mark ... more »

  • Doubt

    Have you ever met someone who you never expected God would place into your life? A week ago Trey and I met, but since spending so much time ... more »

  • I would love to find someone interested in me

    Dear God, It really hard for me be being lonely. I really want to meet the best girl that you have for me soon! It would make my days at ... more »

  • Relationship

    Recent relationship has ended, and pray for me to be able to overcome the feelings of rejection and move on. ... more »

  • The One

    I met a man in November and the minute he introduced himself I got goose bumps. Our relationship was all I ever wanted, I had never been ... more »