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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • Finding the right Woman...

    the last 2 gfs Ive had have shattered my heart by cheating and lying,I know I havent been a angel throughout my life and feel that Ive paid ... more »

  • I am truly sorry for all of your losses

    I see that there are a lot of men today getting hurt and I am truly sorry for your losses I have recently been hurt myself where my fiance ... more »

  • Im so lost

    Im in love with my girlfriend but she is immature in relationships. She keeps starting fights for nothing. She broke up with me via text. ... more »

  • Finding someone worth trusting

    I have dated two ladies at different times. All of them turn out to be cheats and liars. This hurt me to the core of my being because i was ... more »

  • Fix my marriage

    Me and my wife have been married for 4 years. The last 2 have been the hardest, we both struggle with communication as well as trust.. I ... more »

  • Finding someone special

    I've been trying to find somebody special in my life. It seems like its not gonna happen for me. I've always kept to myself. ... more »

  • dating again

    my name is mike king from York, pa. I am now single at age 6o. where do I begin to find a female in my area at my age group. it is very ... more »


    Please pray that GOD will send me a GOD Fearing man, love the LORD with all his heart! I was married for 23 years but in the relationship ... more »

  • Restore relationship

    Lord God Our Father you are worthy to receive glory and honor and power. You created all things and by You all things were created and have ... more »

  • Finding My Soulmate

    I have been searching for the right Christian lady to share my life with for quite some time. But to no avail. I have been single all my ... more »

  • to find some one

    I want to find the right guy. I just started on Chrstian mingle and found no one yet ... more »

  • relationship

    pray for me that i find someone who looks beyond my looks and sees the beauty inside. my ex took me for everything and i just want to find a ... more »

  • reunification of my family.

    That my marriage come back together and there be forgivness in all of use and my husband stops his drinking and reunite with the Lord and ... more »

  • For a friend and mate

    May the universe help me to meet a friend who will be my mate for life. ... more »

  • Relationship

    Pray that God bring Nick and I closer and back together in a committed relationship. Pray that God help Nick not be afraid of a commitment ... more »