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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • don't want to live

    again rejection,don't want the pain is too much,God why?? ... more »

  • Lost friend

    A friend of mine had to put down her dog earlier this week... I should have posted this sooner. It happened last weekend. Please pray that ... more »

  • Guidance

    I could really use prayer (I know, we all could). Recently, due to various life events, I've been feeling fairly...raw, for lack of a ... more »

  • Trust and truth

    I pray that God will strengthen my marriage with my husband and relationship with my step kids. To allow me to trust completely and believe ... more »

  • Marriage restoration

    Loving heavenly Father, we come to your throne room of Grace in the name of Jesus and surrender Arnold and Luann at your feet. Lord nothing ... more »

  • Family having a very trying time

    I pray that our family is kept together, we have had an extremely hard year, we lost our newborn son to SIDS and we also have a toddler. My ... more »

  • Relationship with a girl I like

    There is this girl that has started working at the same place I do. Well I have found out that she attends a church that is the same faith ... more »

  • Bitterness.

    Please pray that I overcome this hurt, sufferings and bitterness in my life for loosing him. Help me to move on in my life. Give me the best ... more »

  • jacqueline thomas and timothy jones

    i need prayer for Jacqueline Thomas and timothy jones that he see what pain he has cause me and that i will be ok with what ever GOD wants ... more »

  • Needing Support

    I was in a relationship for 2.5 years and was only 1 month from asking her to marry me when she decided it was over. We never faught or ... more »

  • strength and patience

    Asking for prayers for the strength to stay out of an unhealthy relationship and the patience to wait for the right one. ... more »

  • change

    I am asking and praying for a big turnaround for home instead senior care for the company and staff, in Nebraska and north Texas. ... more »

  • Peace

    Please pray that I can find peace in the newly established relationship my children hold with their father. Please pray that my children ... more »

  • Wisdom

    I need God's wisdom, favor, and strength. I believe God is showing me so much about myself through the break of my boyfriend. I loved him ... more »

  • Pray for future

    I would like to request prayer. Due to my many mistakes, bad attitude, trusting humans rather God, mad bad decisions with my life and ... more »