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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • For my spouse and children

    I ask for prayers that my spouse, with whom I am separating from and who is now engaged to another man and living with him, that she will ... more »

  • A Christian Husband

    I have been praying for 17 years for a Christian husband. I am 66 and have been divorced 17 years. I so want to finish my life my last ... more »

  • A partner after God's own purpose

    I ask you to join me in prayer to find a lifetime partner whom we will grow together in love and faith. I am a strong believer in God and I ... more »

  • I am a great catch why am I still single?

    I pray to meet the man that I click with thats my soul mate someone I've been looking for to share my life with. ... more »

  • Broken

    Please pray for me. I went through a terrible break up with my fiance. We were together for 5.5 years and he gave up on me. I gave him all I ... more »

  • the depth of my heart

    just help me pray for a serious man in man in my life am tired of been fooled and the rest all i want is a good man to come my way i hope ... more »

  • Relationship

    Father - I pray and ask others to join me in prayer to help resolve my current relationship separation. She has decided to move on and has ... more »

  • spiritual

    Pray the Holy Spirit move on home instead senior care staff in Grapevine tx, for their daily lives at the workplace. The Lord guide and ... more »

  • A healthy relationship

    Please god enlighten me with a healthy relationship, shall I work on the troublesome current relationship? or shall I look for another? ... more »

  • Prayer for coping

    I need prayer to cope with my broken marriage. Several months ago, my husband of 22 years left me for a 28 year old co-worker. We have ... more »

  • leave the past behind and begin a new one

    I have met someone through and I having a difficult time leaving the past behind because of the bad things I went through with them. I need ... more »

  • Wisdom and knowledge

    Avelia Munoz' - Help her make the right decisions daily for her life. ... more »

  • God will answer prayer

    I am praying that God will direct me in the path that he has chosen for me and that I will not fall into the world. being alone is hard and ... more »

  • Healing

    first I want to say prayers for all the prayer requests on here for good health and what ever else they need. Healing for my husband and I ... more »

  • Strenght

    I ask you Lord to give me strength and heal my heart. I am going through a separation headed to divorce. I fought and fought to save my ... more »