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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • restoration

    I pray that I hear from Elisa soon and that she misses me as well and wants to give me another chance to be friends. I'm changing and can ... more »

  • a wife and work

    Dear God in Jesus Christ name, God, i need a wife , please give me the best for me, and we can share everything , fight (support) together ... more »

  • Guidance Needed

    Dear God, First off I would like to thank you for finally providing me an opportunity to have an interview because they are hard to come ... more »

  • clarity

    asking for prayer for self-control for myself and clarity for a friend who is struggling with his marriage. He called me out on running from ... more »

  • renew my relationship

    My ex-boyfriend has found a new girlfriend and it is breaking my heart. We had only been apart a couple weeks when he met her, and he still ... more »

  • Getting married

    Hi my name is Michael Hannibal. I'm a 33 year old christian musician. Please pray that I get married this year as soon as possible. ... more »

  • Is he the one?

    I have been talking to this guy I met on a dating site, hes a good Christan and we have been talking to eachother a lot. I kind of like him ... more »

  • Finding the right one

    I am looking for love and to find the right one. I want to find the one, is Christian and will help me grow closer to the Lord and will ... more »

  • marriage/family

    My marriage is over but im trying to save it by praying anf asking god im just not sure if its mesnt to be saved or not....he had answered ... more »

  • I love my mother that God gave me.

    I want to pray for Latoshia Johnson. This woman is amazing. I want to pray that she smile and never feel much sorrow. I want our souls to be ... more »

  • Me and my lonely life

    I don't have a job after graduating 1 year ago, I don't have many friends and so I don't really venture out of my house, sometimes for ... more »

  • For my daughter

    Please pray for my 15 year old daughter who is depressed and has missed more than four weeks of school, that she will fully recover from her ... more »

  • For my spouse and children

    I ask for prayers that my spouse, with whom I am separating from and who is now engaged to another man and living with him, that she will ... more »

  • A Christian Husband

    I have been praying for 17 years for a Christian husband. I am 66 and have been divorced 17 years. I so want to finish my life my last ... more »

  • A partner after God's own purpose

    I ask you to join me in prayer to find a lifetime partner whom we will grow together in love and faith. I am a strong believer in God and I ... more »