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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • broken family

    my family is torn apart and it is mostly my fault pray that my family will forgive me and we will be able to be a family again ... more »

  • Marriage

    My husband and I have been married for 43 years - I made serious mistakes, but the very key issue was our inability to communicate. We were ... more »

  • My prayer for marriage and family

    Lord, please help fulfill my dream of being married and having a family. Being middle-aged doesn't make things easier for us single men ... more »

  • Grandson Salvation

    Urgent prayer for my 17 yr old grandson who has become rebellious and disrespectful. Staying out and not coming home, smoking weed and ... more »

  • Prayer Rquest

    I am getting more and more lonely, sometimes confused about the issue of broken relationship with men. I want God to deliver me, re-position ... more »

  • Praying for Marriage Restoration

    Please Jesus, I pray that you save my marriage and bring my wife, Dee, home. It has been a very long time and she's now pursuing to ... more »

  • Marriage in trouble.

    My husband cheated on me and is now treating me like I did something wrong. Please pray for healing for our family. My children deserve ... more »

  • I feel so lost.

    I have been having a hard time finding friends. We are not meant to be alone I am so wanting friends that I can call or just go and hang out ... more »

  • Bring my family back to me

    Please pray that so my ex, the mother of my children, will see it what she is doing wrong and come back to me. We have been broken up for a ... more »

  • Just hear my heart

    Lord Above my heart says yes stop the search. You are the one who hears my heart and prayers. all up to you and the path that you chose. ... more »

  • The One

    Dear God, I pray that you would send me just the right woman you have intended for me. I know I can be picky, but you know my heart inside ... more »

  • Husband

    My father, I humbly come to you asking for a friend, companion, husband that is for me, soon. Make me healthy and open my heart mind and ... more »

  • marriage

    Prayers that husband be more loving and compassionate to my son. He puts him down. He has a good job, He pays monthly rent, on time. Helps ... more »

  • Oh, where, oh, where can he be?

    I pray that God answers my prayer and sends me "the one" He has chosen for me. I'm getting very frustrated with the website (Christian ... more »

  • family

    My prayer request is for my children and grand children. ... more »