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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • to find a good man

    I have been along for about 11 yrs now I am hoping that God has someone for me to spend the rest of my life with. Being 54 yrs old is hard ... more »

  • Found what I've been looking for

    Was in a loveless marriage for 15 years. Divorced for 2 years now. Signed on to CM 1 1/2 years ago. Finally found someone who appeared to ... more »

  • I need hel

    I pray that the man I love will love me as I love him. I pray that God will open his heart to know that money is NOT what is needed to have ... more »

  • Finding my soul mate

    Dear Heavenly Father I know that you have someone already out there for me because YOU do not want me to go through life alone since my ... more »

  • Unsure relationship

    I met Dan a year ago and things wasn't going the way I thought so I walked away. After spending 6 months apart we found our way back to ... more »

  • Somewhere

    They tell me never give up! Well,Mr Right must be out there and waiting on God has taken two yrs now. Need prayer for that God fearing man ... more »

  • Finding Love in Jesus

    Recently I've been struggling with not relying on relationships with guys to feel fulfilled. I want to find the comfort and love I find ... more »

  • Too Late?

    A partner, someone to help me grow spiritually, my best friend, the person that I come home to and will love my children as I do. Is there ... more »

  • Give us strength. .

    Thank you God for all your answered and unanswered prayers. Thank you for knowing what's on my heart. I have been praying this prayer for a ... more »

  • Prayer for patience and understanding

    I need patience to see if a relationship will work out. For some reason my feelings get so hurt when something goes wrong. I don't know if ... more »

  • Guide him back to the Light

    Dear God, My husband has an addiction to online porn. He is on every site you can think of. He refuses to admit his addiction. Please, ... more »

  • Lonliness

    Trying to do the right thing by holding out and not getting involved with the wrong person, but , I live in a rural area around family ... more »

  • Healing,and send marriage.

    Ineed healing for past demons and my 10yrold.Break ins.For disease in mmmmyself and children .Relatio,marriage to be done with, whoever God ... more »

  • Healing a friendship

    Healing and restoring my friendship with Jean ... more »

  • dont understand

    lord has some one for every one ,lord guide me in this task show me the way to go ,not sure about others hearts seems like every one wants a ... more »