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Prayer Requests : Faith

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  • Military calling

    My name Is Ronnie, I feel like God is calling me to be in the U.S. Military and serve as a chaplain, I am just praying that god gives me ... more »

  • good soil

    pray for me to be a seed in good soil and accept it. pray I not hve opposition or be rebelious and not refuse to do anything good ... more »

  • Career and relationship

    Dear Lord please help me and my client, I know she haven't got faith, but please shine your light on her so we can all do a great project ... more »

  • In need of faith

    I just got laid off this past week and am a single mom of one son. I am in need of extra faith and belief right now as I have been on a ... more »

  • My brother in-law

    My brother in-law is addicted to alcohol this has destroyed his liver and as a result he has cancer . there is a chance that he will die ... more »

  • Salvation- A Plea with God

    Hi my name is Felicia Soudry. Can you pray for the Salvation for Ethel Soudry. She's my husband's grandmother. She has an aneurism and it ... more »

  • My wife and kids

    I am praying for my wife and kids to come back to you lord. To love you and cherish every time they think about you. Also, for us to reunite ... more »

  • Faith

    Please pray for me. I'm currently behind in our mortgage and I know what God can and have done for me. I feel anxious and shakey and I do ... more »

  • new heavens

    I ask God to bring to Pass NOW 2 PETER 3:10-13 in Jesus name I ask amen ... more »

  • Communication

    I ask my fellow believers in the power of prayer to please Pray that Jim will communicate with me and try to reconcile our 8 1/2 year ... more »

  • Overcome Depression - Husband

    Please pray for my husband to overcome his sense of failure and depression. Please bring him paying jobs. Please renew his joy, hope and ... more »

  • Guidance needed

    Finding a soulmate ... more »

  • Preaching.

    I'd like to be a preacher for the Lord. Their is nothing more that my heart desires than to be used by God. Please pray he open up a door ... more »

  • Save our marriage

    Please pray that God stops our divorce proceedings and brings us back together as well as protection and peace for our 4 year old daughter ... more »

  • various spiritual needs

    Ask God to fill my spirit, soul and body with every good thing they need and bind all spiritual attacks on me and my life ... more »