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  • WHY??????3

    My sister died in March. I prayed for and over her for complete healing from brain cancer. I debunked what the doctor said. I.prayed that ... more »

  • stayong true

    Please pray for me. I just moved out of my foster parents home into my bio moms home. I'm waiting to get my own apartment. I have one more ... more »

  • Loss of Friend

    Please Pray for my friend Mike who died suddenly today. We are all still in shock because he was so young. Please pray for his fiancee, they ... more »

  • Certification Test

    I am taking a test on Friday August 1st to become certified to teach Middle School math. The test is currently being modified and the first ... more »

  • Moving on

    Please pray for me and my courage to go through my last year of high school, I'm scared to death to move out, and I'm scared about what ... more »

  • forgiveness

    I need prayers for myself. I have been taking care of my father and mother for the past 4 years. I have not outlet and it is affecting my ... more »

  • my family

    Hi my name is Christina and I have two daughters we have been staying place to place trying to find a home that someone will rent to us ànd ... more »

  • Patience

    Father give me patience to be who you created me to be for Your glory give me strength and power to overcome every obstacle in the name of ... more »

  • God's Will

    I recently resigned for my job. It was a toxic environment that was not a good fit for me. I prayed and prayed about what I should do and ... more »

  • Dissertation

    Im hoping that God will watch over me in my travel to Cahokia Mounds for my PhD studies. I wish for people to help me pray to have more ... more »

  • Increased Faith

    I come to you today father in prayer that you continue to increase my faith. For me to continue to have faith during the hard times as well ... more »

  • Unity

    My sincere Prayer is that Man realizes this is time to get real Serious-with what He is doing!! I feel see, too many believe The God thought ... more »

  • Acceptance

    I pray for acceptance. I only ask that Father open my eyes and show me that I am good enough. I pray that I can learn to accept who I am, ... more »

  • Patience

    I'm praying today for patience. I ask that the Lord help me to be a patient man and that I have patience with everything I do. I pray that ... more »

  • Word of God hear

    God i know you are always putting us through what we can handle and take ahold of, right now i feel as though you are putting me through ... more »