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  • get the job I am applying for

    I have been applying around for a new job for 7 months now. I know in my heart that God has prepared for me an opportunity better that the ... more »

  • New Job opportunity

    I'm blessed to have found the job I'm currently at but it is not the right fit for me. This job is at a call center and deep insidei feel ... more »

  • faith that my relationship will be restored

    please pray for restoration and reconciliation with my ex-girlfriend. pray that her heart will change and that she will give me a second ... more »

  • Court date tomorrow

    Please pray for me to have a good outcome at my court date tomorrow as i have gotten in to some minor trouble and it has come at a bad time ... more »

  • Renew my mind

    Pray for me that my mind will be renewed by the Spirit as I pursue my journey with Christ one day at a time ... more »

  • closer to God, surrender my will to His

    Need to surrender my will and be obedient to our Heavenly Father. I struggle with desire to love and be loved. To have a family of my own. ... more »

  • court on Monday

    Please pray for our family - having to go to court over child custody visitation issues with my ex over our child --- the dad is addicted ... more »

  • My heart

    Please strengthen my faith as I walk through this life without my mother. I pray that my family and I can be strong enough to get through ... more »

  • For the Klein Family

    My friend's,daughter's father Laurence Klein was in his 60's when passed away last night from cancer. His daughter's name is Sarah... I ... more »

  • Job security

    I'm praying that I can get a full-time job where I can be off on the weekends. I truly miss church and I barely get to spend time with my ... more »

  • Help

    I would just like a prayer that I be strong and accept what God has planned for me. I am currently looking for a second job to help make ... more »

  • Dying in sexual sin

    I am a middle aged married Minister w/ children. I have been teaching ... more »

  • A Home for Jason

    Dear Lord, My son is home from the US Army. He barely qualified for VA benefits and already has had doors slammed in his face because he ... more »

  • Salvation for David W

    David is a prodigal son who has chosen now not to believe although he follows Jesus teaching. I don't know what caused him to stop ... more »

  • Exam

    Hello, I would love it if someone would pray that I do good on a huge exam coming up for medical school. I have to do good on this test. ... more »