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Prayer Requests : Faith

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  • Job security

    I'm praying that I can get a full-time job where I can be off on the weekends. I truly miss church and I barely get to spend time with my ... more »

  • Help

    I would just like a prayer that I be strong and accept what God has planned for me. I am currently looking for a second job to help make ... more »

  • Dying in sexual sin

    I am a middle aged married Minister w/ children. I have been teaching ... more »

  • A Home for Jason

    Dear Lord, My son is home from the US Army. He barely qualified for VA benefits and already has had doors slammed in his face because he ... more »

  • Salvation for David W

    David is a prodigal son who has chosen now not to believe although he follows Jesus teaching. I don't know what caused him to stop ... more »

  • Exam

    Hello, I would love it if someone would pray that I do good on a huge exam coming up for medical school. I have to do good on this test. ... more »

  • Please pray for the public safety personnel and public in Ferguson, Mo.

    Please pray with me for the public safety personnel in Ferguson, Mo and for the public. Please pray for God to restore peace and love ... more »

  • Strength, guidance and comfort...

    I just lost my last grandma who was so very dear to me. Please pray for comfort and peace for my papaw and family and I in learing to live ... more »

  • Please pray for my husband

    Please pray for my husband Roger who thinks God has given up on him. He is not saved. He is so lost. He says he is as far from God as the ... more »

  • More Faith

    Please pray for me for an increase of faith and hunger for the Lord. Thank you all and God bless you, Doug ... more »

  • A young mans prayer

    i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when i was 19 years, there are times in my life now that i become depressed and i can tell its ... more »

  • Tomorrow

    Tomorrow i start my first college class. I'm excited but at the same time i'm kind of nervous. ... more »

  • Faith

    Dear God I have trouble sometimes with everything anger and stuff I ask that you change my heart and make me a better person one who gives ... more »

  • finances

    LORD Jesus I came to your front to ask and to forgive mu sin..and to know you that I love you will all my heart and soul..Please Lord Jesus ... more »

  • Job success

    I've recently been blessed with a new job after being fired from another job. I'm praying that I'm able to be successful on my job. We ... more »