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Prayer Requests : Faith

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  • Staying Strong

    I need my faith to stay stronger than ever, I feel as if everyone is against me right now. I have been staying close to God, but sometimes I ... more »

  • God exist and save us

    I wish God truly exist and save us from this random universe. Lead our soul beyond death, beyond this universe. ... more »

  • Faith in home

    I trust God so much I'm needed Faith for a new home and a new life. I know it can be done I've seen it happen so much. I have great ... more »

  • s

    I so need to move to a smaller home which means this one has to sell at a decent price first. I keep looking at and locating suitable homes ... more »

  • Prayer for my sons

    Please pray with me for my 2 sons to not only come to know the Lord - but to have an active and loving relationship with Him. ... more »

  • Prayer Title

    Please pray for me that I will find a place to live, healing for my uc.,and healing for alot of emotional pain and anger due to a dishonest ... more »

  • To fulfill the dream God gave me

    Out of fear and rejection I have backed away from the gift and dream God gave to me. This dream was given to me 24 years ago. Because of ... more »

  • Wrongly Accused

    Please pray for my son, certain prison personnel set him up, and now he is in a different area that he doesn't like being there. My son ... more »

  • get the job I am applying for

    I have been applying around for a new job for 7 months now. I know in my heart that God has prepared for me an opportunity better that the ... more »

  • New Job opportunity

    I'm blessed to have found the job I'm currently at but it is not the right fit for me. This job is at a call center and deep insidei feel ... more »

  • faith that my relationship will be restored

    please pray for restoration and reconciliation with my ex-girlfriend. pray that her heart will change and that she will give me a second ... more »

  • Court date tomorrow

    Please pray for me to have a good outcome at my court date tomorrow as i have gotten in to some minor trouble and it has come at a bad time ... more »

  • Renew my mind

    Pray for me that my mind will be renewed by the Spirit as I pursue my journey with Christ one day at a time ... more »

  • closer to God, surrender my will to His

    Need to surrender my will and be obedient to our Heavenly Father. I struggle with desire to love and be loved. To have a family of my own. ... more »

  • court on Monday

    Please pray for our family - having to go to court over child custody visitation issues with my ex over our child --- the dad is addicted ... more »