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  • Ex-wife find true peace and happiness

    My ex-wife and mother to my two kids/young adults is unsettled and unhappy in her life. She is creating conflict, stress, and un-called for ... more »

  • My nephew needs prayer

    My nephew has had an extremely sad life- from emotional and physical abuse from his dad to sexual abuse from his mother. He was placed in ... more »

  • To mend a broken heart

    My daughter is dealing with a broken heart starting with the death of her father. They were very close. It's like they were of one mind. ... more »

  • My brother needs prayer

    My brother Shawn Watkins is struggling with life in general, drug addiction and does not believe in God. I ask that you would agree with me ... more »

  • my son

    His life is falling appart , his job went bankruptcy , his wife is sleeping around and he has no money. Pray for him to find christ in his ... more »

  • Salvation for my son

    My son is 17 years old and has not accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Please pray that he asks Christ into his heart and has ... more »

  • help

    I need christian friends relief from depression and loneliness and despair my only hope is Jesus ... more »

  • WHY

    I guess I will give you a little Back ground in my question about Faith. I am 57 years old a was divorced after my wife had a affair with ... more »



  • love

    plz pray for my love sucuess plzz. ... more »

  • How do I delete my account?

    I would like to delete my account, and do not see any way to do it on the site. So I am using this option. Please forgive me! ... more »

  • Drew's defense

    that Drew's defense team negotiates the acquittal he deserves to live the life GOD intended for him to live- ... more »

  • Right relationship

    Lord Jesus, if it's your will, please grant my prayer request to have the right man or right relationship in my life. But I accept any ... more »

  • Need Help with finding a Soul Mate

    Dear Lord Please help me find a Godly man that is serious about a relationship with me. Please guide me in this relationship so that I am ... more »

  • please help

    Please pray for me, I feel like everything I try to achieve is being blocked,and i keep having bad dreams about suffering and issues. May ... more »