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Prayer Requests : Finances

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  • I've made a mess of my life

    My husband passed away almost a year ago (Nov. 2, 2014). We were always very low income and went without, often. After receiving his life ... more »

  • Forgiveness

    Earlier this year I reunited with a long lost love. We began seeing each other right away. The months went by I actually thought things were ... more »

  • financial, healing

    praying asking for any forgiveness of sins, forgiveness I need to give, for healing Mark hons, for financial gain to pay debts, move closer ... more »

  • Employment

    My God, My Father, My Provider. I need a better job. ... more »

  • Ive had enough

    Well this just tears it! I have had it up to here with this financial turmoil me and my girlfriend have been facing. You have made no effort ... more »

  • Thank you Lord

    I plead Psalms ,63,64,139,all upon my me relax I feel axiety and afraid because of crooked people but I know God is changing even ... more »

  • Hoping for success

    Please help me find a second pt job. Had one for 4 years and had to leave....$$$ is pretty tight and I have a teenage daughter to ... more »

  • Career

    Dear God in the highest, I pray this to you: Please help me into your light again. I am lost. I am working to finish my BS management ... more »

  • Selling my house

    I am trying to sell my house - which is a fixer upper and It is complicate but I know nothing is impossible to GOD. I would like to go to ... more »

  • Employment

    I am praying for a better paying job (minimum $50,000), preferably a career that I am able to grow and show my skills and they love and ... more »

  • Need A Job

    My prayer is for 3 things. 1 is for my friends children to contact her and show her love. Her son has not talked to her is over 2 years and ... more »

  • Finances and relationships

    Please pray for me as I need assistance accepting my new separation status. It is very hard for me to meet people and I am unsure of myself. ... more »

  • praying for a job new employment

    I am desperatelyI'm hoping for a new job my last job was was terminated due to lack of workI'm falling of the economy. I desperately need ... more »

  • Finances out of control

    I am asking for prayer for my finances , I need a financial breakthrough. I keep going in circles. I need to be blessed with more than ... more »

  • Financial increase

    I'm late on a few of my monthly bills. Please pray that God will provide a financial increase to be so that I can pay my bills by the 9th ... more »