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Prayer Requests : Health

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  • healing

    A friend Cynthia Arnell, 57, surgery in the morning on her index finger on her hand. It has been painful for awhile now. ... more »

  • Physical healing

    Annie, 89, complete healing in her body from bladder infection, pneumonia, fluid around lungs, give the doctors wisdom and knowledge, to ... more »

  • Please Prayer for my son, Russell

    He is a young man, 49, and was taken to the hospital with his blood pressure at 56/49, but got him stabilized and it was soon rising and was ... more »

  • healing deliverance savation

    need totalhealing from lifetime ofdrugs boooze smoking and gunshot and other abominable things im to ashamed of amparalyzed and bedrriiden ... more »

  • Healing

    Need prayer for healing. Dying from trauma from being abused.Only have little time left. Thanks!Care Bear044. Xo ... more »

  • Physical healing

    A friend Ricky Munn, 56, miracle healing in his body, mind and soul. ... more »

  • dizzieness

    Dear God ever since I was young I always got dizzy I've been to so many doctors and no one knows what wrong God I know that you can heal me ... more »

  • My Grandma

    the other day my great Grandma had a stoke and we are not sure if she is going to make it, could you guys just be praying that my family ... more »

  • Life's trials and tribulations

    After suffering from a herniated disc in my C4-5 vertebrae by the grace of God I found a surgeon who removed the disc and performed a ... more »

  • Healing

    For the last 4 weeks I been having problem falling Sleep at night, I only been sleeping about 3-4 hrs a nignt.I need Healing in my body ... more »

  • physical healing

    Anna Robinson, 91, worldwar2 veteran, this lady has lung cancer and injury to her leg, she needs a miracle healing in her body. ... more »

  • selfishness

    My prayer request would be on people who act selfish. ... more »

  • pray I don't need surgery

    I was born a paraplegic and have been in a wheelchair since the age of five. As I am always sitting I tend to get pressure sores on my butt. ... more »

  • physical healing

    My mother, Erma Everett, 88, healing from an urinary infection. ... more »

  • Please pray for my healing.

    I have been nursing a spinal cord injury for ten years now; I need prayers for divine healing and peace in Jesus Name! Fom. ... more »