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Prayer Requests : Health

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  • Thank you Jesus

    Thank you Jesus for all your daily blessings:) Please heal me of my irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, anxiety and depression, for I am not ... more »

  • Holiness

    I have struggled with lust and the rotten fruit it has brought about (masturbation, pornography, massage parlors). I realize these deeds are ... more »

  • James health (memory)

    PLEASE pray hard for Jim. He is being afflicted with awful brain disease and needs lots of prayer. He is a GREAT loving person who does ... more »

  • Martha Gomez

    Hi my sisters in Christ. Please pray that ultrasound from my brest is negative. That it's only false alarm, Thank you God blessed you ... more »

  • Please pray for Addie

    My daughter Addie has been in bed several weeks with Chronic Sinusitis, TY Her Dad ... more »

  • At a Cross Road

    I am very sad and confused. My marriage of 19 years is ending. I have MS and my spouse and caregiver is throwing in the towel. I feel so ... more »

  • Pain Relief

    Father, I am praying for the release from pain in my right knee. It has steadily grown constant and I am not getting any relief. I know ... more »

  • Instrument of God

    In my present state of poor health, I cannot serve you my God, I pray that my health can return and I can become an Instrument of God. I ... more »

  • Rick

    Lord , I ask you to keep Rick comfortable in his last days. Hold him close and welcome him home with open arms. In Jesus; name I pray, ... more »

  • Healing for a sick friend

    I am asking for prayers for a very sick friend, I am asking for a speedy recovery and may God restore his health. I pray for Healing and ... more »

  • Prayer for Healing

    My 83 year old grandmother was recently admitted to the hospital. After being taken to the ER for a broken toe it was found that she had a ... more »

  • prayer for me and my family health

    hello can you pray that i am healthy. I will be getting screening for diabetic and cancer which runs in the family. been having some health ... more »

  • Miracles

    I am in need of both physical and financial healing. I have a condition in my head I don't know what it is but it moves and I need ... more »

  • Miracle needed

    Chloe is 5. Has a broken neck and jaw and brain injury. Pray and believe with us for her miraculous healings. ... more »

  • Prayer for healing of dizziness illness

    I pray that God heals my entire body in the name of Jesus. I am currently experiencing dizziness and malaise went to the emergency room 1 ... more »