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Prayer Requests : Pray It Forward

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  • For God's will in my life.

    I've been falling down hill lately. I could use some prayer. (: Thank you.😊 ... more »

  • Calling

    The Lord has placed a calling in my life! It is scary and totally exciting! Please pray for direction, courage, and simply one step at a ... more »

  • Trusting the Lord for housing

    Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ please join me in praying and believing I will find a new home in a safe area. For reasons beyond my ... more »

  • Seeking life mate

    Find a wife ... more »

  • Brokenhearted

    Please pray for my son whose marriage is ending. He is suffering from severe depression. Please pray for a resolution for him and the ... more »

  • Love

    Requesting a break through on behalf of my friend Paula. Please pray for her have success with her work. In Jesus name I pray Amen. ... more »

  • church

    for my church and unity peace and protection guidance and safety ... more »

  • for Jed

    For young adult Jed to be radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, for him to have great hunger for God and intimacy with Jesus, for ... more »

  • For a lost Star

    God please help a friend who is struggling with finances and her children. Help her to move forward progressing instead of falling backward ... more »

  • for brian

    Brian u know we love one another and god brought me back to u as he brought u to me yet u have run from me and I'm not sure y? I pray u ... more »

  • Happyness

    Dear God Please let move into my new place without any problems. Please let me get a better job with a better salary so that I can provide ... more »

  • Life

    Luck in life ... more »

  • TiffanyTyfany

    Jhene quilombo ... more »

  • Prayer for health

    Prayer for the renewed walking ability of my father! He is stl recovering from a spinal injury and we are praying for walking ability to ... more »

  • catherine

    i heard a "it is when a demon sex" i really dont want doom from Baal worshipers or satan. i really dont want a baal problem. it seems to ... more »