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Prayer Requests : Pray It Forward

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  • I need help with this

    can any one help me stop thing about Games to much because I play It all day and the money my mother spend is almost games i need help stop ... more »

  • God's will for the job,my finances,relationship

    I want everyone to be in agreement with me for God's will be don in my life for the right job , I applied for a transfer to another ... more »

  • Brother needs healing and strength

    My brother is diabetic and has been having issues with his liver to where the doctors told him he has to have dialysis done 3 times a week. ... more »

  • Miracle

    I thank God for His many blessings. I met a nice man on the internet. His name is John, and I love him, and we are not on speaking terms now ... more »

  • A For All

    Lord I see people of all kind, in need of help, some going out of there minds. Lord, It's only through You, and this is real, cause You ... more »

  • Brother

    Pray for my brother who is driving my parents crazy. My parents are getting older and my mother has 4th stage cancer. ... more »


    I praise you Lord for this life you gave. I praise you Lord for this life you saved. I praise you Lord for the air I breath, I praise you ... more »

  • Asking God's grace and protection

    Holy Father assist me to be successful in my new job as I am recovering from the depression and trauma of the destruction of a 29.4 year ... more »

  • prayer to our father in heaven

    In your holy name Jesus may your kingdom come here on earth just as it is in heaven let thy will be done. give us this day our daily bread ... more »

  • prayer for my nephew

    please pray for my nephew who's lying in a coma in the ICU on the ventilator please pray that God touches his body and remove all the ... more »

  • Love

    Please pray for me because I'm falling in love with a man and he's in relationship with someone else. I'm trying my best but I cannot ... more »

  • Thanks Giving / Another Blessed Day

    I thank you Lord for another Blessed day, and in your Holy Hands, Heavenly Father Please let me stay, and from the way of Lord Jesus let me ... more »

  • 3/3/15 COTLE intercession

    God bless my family, friends and others I am praying for. Healing and deliverance- salvation and super natural miracles ... more »


    God, I need your Grace today, to lead me, to guide me, to show me the way, and it's through my Lord Jesus Christ, that Heavenly Father I ... more »

  • need deliverance

    need deliverance from lust and pride. ... more »