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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • Lonely

    I have been freinds with a lovely lady for 30 years. For some time now I have feelings stronger than just friends. She at one time felt the ... more »

  • Keeping In Contact

    A close coworker(guy friend)of mine just resigned to go work elsewhere. While his complete absence ... more »

  • Prayer for a serial adulterous husband

    My husband of 38 years have continued to cheat and now finally leave his home at age sixty seeking a brand new life with a younger woman. He ... more »

  • court case - custody of child

    Father, I thank you for your word and your love for us. Thank you for not allowing us to quit. We will see victory in the court case filed ... more »

  • engaged to be married but gave some spirital belief issues

    I an engaged to be married soon and we are both saved but we have some problems in the biblical stand point of what we both believe and at ... more »

  • Lost ...Please Pray FoR Me

    Long story Short My baby father has betrayed me and has hurt me in everyway possible..Im so stressed depress ..Im really trying to be ... more »

  • Betrayal

    I was betrayed by a girl that I had fallen in love with. In the end run she said all I was, was an escape. I feel like she really hurt me ... more »

  • Pray for Emilee

    Dear All: Please find this prayer request below with sincerity and genuineness and I pray that the Lord will lead you to pray and SHARE. ... more »

  • Our Family

    Please pray for our mom. She is still in love with our dad, and our grand mother ( his mom) has talked him into dating someones else. Our ... more »

  • Restoration

    Pray for Holly's husband to receive Salvation and become healthy again and restore the marriage. ... more »

  • Friendships

    I am praying my friends well neighbors really and they just seem really lonely they are christian too but they're pretty much deserted from ... more »

  • douth

    some time I begin to wonder de typeof God we serve i hv reads many prayer request concerin brake true in a relationship iI hv nt read any ... more »

  • marriage

    every hour I prayed to God to conect me to a christain woman who can sweet my heart desire my christain bro nd sister were s de God we ... more »

  • marriage

    Please pray for my marriage, I'm 35 still single and can't seem to find the "Eve" that God has kept for me. My mom is being unjustly ... more »

  • Friendship

    I have a new friend who doesn't seem to be very interested in the friendship. Please pray that God give me guidance and help me reach out ... more »