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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • Family restored

    Please pray for my family to be restored....separated for 2 infidelity only GOD knows the truth ....we have two girls...Kristen ... more »

  • desire 4 mate

    Pray with me that God send me a Saved mate. A mate that won't have a bias against female preacher. I need someone that can walk beside me ... more »

  • Husband

    Asking for someone who is a strong Christian to pray for me to have a Godly companion. That the right man will find me. ... more »

  • Healing/Confidence/Christian Man

    I received word tonight from a man whom I dated from a secular site that he didn't want a second date due to a slightly visible eye ... more »

  • Prayer for Patience

    I have been divorced now for 2 months. I have been doing online dating for a while now, and it is not working. I need to have faith and ... more »

  • prayer for the right man

    Please pray for me to have and get married with the right man for me that I'll share my life with ... Lord help me.. Amen. ... more »

  • Restoration of loving relationship

    Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with David as loving couple toward marriage. I pray that God will remove all the negative ... more »

  • Trusting

    I am praying that i will trust God in all areas in my life. I want someone to share my journey with i am praying for a Godly women to do ... more »

  • Guidance

    Hello, I'd appreciate some prayer for guidance in my life from the Lord. Having one of those situations with love where you really felt ... more »

  • Dating

    I am in my 20's. I tried the family local bar, nothing but smokers and achoholics. I am trying this dating website online My mom ... more »

  • I think I am turning gay

    Fater, I have slowly been having gay urges, similar to kissing another man. I sing worship for the deaf community of my church and am ... more »

  • Companionship

    Father I thank you for giving me the desire for a friendship and companionship with one of your daughters. This is a true sign of you ... more »

  • prayer for lonely heart

    Im feeling unloved and sometimes lonely. I feel im needing care and alot of loves right now. Please pray for me not to feel this negative ... more »

  • Divorced from a non-Christian woman

    Please pray for me...I have only been married 1 time but it was with a non Christian...Every tells me I am to picky. I don't think I am..I ... more »

  • Pray for peace and comfort from a broken heart

    Dear Heavenly Father, I pray to find peace in a brief relationship that has deeply hurt me. I pray that I can let go and move forward ... more »