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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • for a friend

    I am so lonely and becoming cold and cynical. I need someone to share some time together.Please pray that God has a caring,unselfish man ... more »

  • Keep Us Lord

    Most wise and Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth and God of Everything! I pray that you will bless each and every person who has ... more »

  • God-Fearing man

    I am praying for God to delivery me a God-fearing Christian man. I know that he is out there and hasn't found me yet. I just pray God ... more »

  • Healing From Divorce

    A few weeks ago just before our 8 year anniversary, my wife suddenly stated to me that she wanted a divorce. She did this without even ... more »

  • Praying for Comfort

    Lost the Love of my Life this past November; and its hard trying to put the pieces of my Life together for the first time. I miss him so ... more »

  • partner in Lord

    Hi, I want to pray about my future wife, that the Lord would connect us together that we become one and serve our God with all our might ... more »

  • God's Will

    I've been divorced 4 yrs now, I have not gone on a date @ all. That's what I wanted was not to date, I needed to just give 100% of myself ... more »

  • Move forward

    I need prayers to help me move forward from a previous relationship. I continually look back instead of looking forward. I need help and ... more »

  • love

    Please pray for me... my prayer: god, great almighty god, u know my heart, u know my searching for a christian woman. Please show me what ... more »

  • future boaz

    I ask that you keep me in prayer. I pray that my future spouse is really out there searching and being prepared by the Lord. And that he ... more »

  • love

    please pray that I find someone that loves me for me and that is true ... more »

  • love

    please pray that I find someone that loves me for me and that is true ... more »

  • Prays for a broken heart

    After 14 years of marriage, our divorced was finalized in April 2013. My ex-husband met someone in May, introduced our child to her in June ... more »

  • prayers for my Son

    Please pray for my son, he is having problems with his marriage. He needs healing, comfort, and direction.....And Mercy...... ... more »

  • Heal my broken heart

    My boyfriend left me after 19 years to be with and old girlfriend and married her after only 4 months! I am trying to move on and pray ... more »