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Prayer Requests : Relationships

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  • Alone

    I am a 48 yr. old male. All of my family ... more »

  • Open his heart

    Dear lord I pray for your grace in this relationship. I pray you forgive us our sins. Thank you for bringing me and Nash together. I know ... more »

  • Love, Strength, Faith, Hope

    Please help me to see love and good when my vision is lost and unclear. I know you have a plan for me and Peter but I have a hard time ... more »

  • My Girl

    Heavenly Father, I ask that you ease my pain and sorrow. I know you took the Soulmate you had picked out for me long ago, for all the right ... more »

  • To Love and Be Loved

    I don't understand Lord, I pray every day to meet my spouse and yet I do not understand why he makes me wait. I would just like to find a ... more »

  • Relationship

    I have not found the right man, an I am getting older. i pray all the time but nothing. I need some advice. ... more »

  • faith

    I am praying now that GOD will hear my prayer. I signed over custody 8 years ago to my ex-husband we both have joint custody however his is ... more »

  • She is not a friend. She will betray you. Pray for healing.

    Please pray that Talecia Bell be exposed. She is a cleaver decietful, scheming female that can not be trusted. She is sleeping with other ... more »


    I know that I have my faults and I am not perfect. I don't wish to be who and what I am anymore, while I thought I was a good person I only ... more »

  • Divorced with a son

    I have a wonderful son, I am doing all I can for us but just pray for, he and I to have the father he deserves, he has long term mentors, ... more »

  • Prayer for a friend

    My friend has been married to an abusive spouse for 8 years. She has a son, and her husband beats her in front of him. She's been trying to ... more »

  • Divorce Pain

    After 34 years I finally divorced due to alcoholism. So many physical and emotionally abusive things happened in the marriage I finally said ... more »

  • God's Will Only

    I don't think I was ready to join this site yet and I am going to cancel my subscription. I have decided I need to spend more time getting ... more »

  • how i survive breakup and reconcile with my husband

    i want to use this medium to testify of how i got back my ex boyfriend. After 5 years in relationship with my husband with 3 kids, he ... more »

  • Marriage over

    Please help, my husband has told me he does not love me and wants a divorce, that we are too different. I pray he softens his heart and ... more »