Power of Prayer

I was engaged to a woman and her 30 year old son was living in Calgary. He had been drinking with friends and they drove him home. During the evening bhe got sick and was vomiting but he didn't wake up and was suffacated in his own vomit. His friend tried to wake him but he was unconscience. They called 911 and the report said he was not breathing and his heart had stopped. It was about 20 minutes later that they put him on life support. His mom and I flew out and met with the doctors. They said he was in a medically induced coma and had lowered his body temperature. they tried to wake him after 72 hours but there wasn't any response. The next day the doctors had brain scans done and they all came up with not much hope....basically a vegetable at best. The nerologist met with us the next day and he thought the best thing to do was pull the plug. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said what do you think. I said there would be no way that they would pull the plug on my son in 4 days. She told me she was going to call family and I told her I was going bto his room. I got there and began to lay hand on him and prayed for about 20 minutes. I was looking at him and I called his name and he slightly opened his eyes. I ran out of the room and down the hall to the phones, I told her come quick. We ran back and we called his name and he responded the same way,just a glince of hope. we then went out a purchased a tape deck and some worship tapes and began playing them during the night and we read scripture to him during the day. The doctors continued to press her to pull the plug that most of what he was doing was involuntary movement. To make an already long story shorter. Within a month he was walking, talking( not great) and had opened the eyes of at least 4 people that came to us and said they had backslidden and were going to get back to the Lord. We had a pastor come to us that had served in the military with medical experience and he told me he was ashamed that he was just going thru the motions for us that he had no hope for him. He invited us to his church to share our testimony with his congregation. Today he is living alone, driving his car and motorcycle, working. He has some short term memory problems but he's here. This has changed my life knowing how God has used me . I don't take any credit, knowing it's not me that did the healing . Praise God