Forgive Me!!!!

As a new christian of 4 years I need help from brothers and sisters thru fellowship and encouragement to stay grounded. I find myself daily asking forgiveness for doubting that he is hearing my prayers and feeling sinfull for doing so. My prayers feel empty asking for selfish things such as work while giving praise to him hoping he will hear and answer them. I fell bad that I am always reminding myself that he has a plan for me and will open doors when he is ready, i should be calm and at peace with his love instead of anxious and worried. Im doing Godly things such as volunteering at food banks and church food drives hoping to please him but with selfish intent but also to get food.

I know that the word is the answer to all my struggles and Lord forgive me for my doubtful thoughts. You are my sheperd and I shall not want!! Peace and Blessings