Sunday 6/3/12 Pastor Michael sermon = 20-20 Vision: I See Clearly Now

Sunday 6/3/12 Pastor Michael sermon = 20-20 Vision: I See Clearly Now
Matthew 16:13-19

20-20 vision is said to be normal vision for people. They can stand 20 feet away and see things. They have a clear perspective and see clearly what is in from of them. Many of us either wear glasses or contact lenses to correct our vision. Some of us wear colored contact lenses to look cute but the goal we all have it to see clearly. Some people are near sighted and some are far sighted.

******* People’s View of Jesus ********

1) Distant View vs. 13:
Jesus asked who did people think He was. How did they view and see Him. The disciples said that some say He is John the Baptist, a religious man or Elijah, the prophet, a wealthy religious leader or Jeremiah the prophet who was just a prophet. People who have no relationship with Jesus, see Him in a distant view. They see Him from such a far distance.

Those of us who are close to Jesus know He can do things that others cannot do. This is why some of us cannot be kept out of church praising God and Jesus! We have a relationship with the Lord and know He is taking care
of us!

2) Divine View vs. 15
Jesus asked who did the disciples say He was. Peter said He was the Christ the Son of the Living God. Our Jesus is anointed to take care of every situation in our life. If we need food, Jesus feeds us! If we have no friends, He will be our friend! When we are going through trouble, we should take our eyes off our trouble and put them on Jesus!! Jesus walked on the water! Jesus, when He starts moving, things start changing in our lives! When we see Jesus moving, we recognize its Jesus! All He has to do is speak the word and things will happen! Amen!! Amen!!

The divine view offers personal revelation. You start seeing with your heart!
You know that you know when you have an encounter with the Lord! Peter was close to Jesus. He knew just like we who are close to Jesus know.
Jesus is the Son of God!! Jesus will change stuff in our life! He told Peter that the Spirit told him that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus told Peter he was blessed because of the revelation of God to Peter. Where Peter came from or who his family was had nothing to do with Peter being blessed.

Jesus said Peter was close enough to Him so that he could not be fooled. We that are close to Jesus know that He will take care of us and our situation. We know where He brought us from and what He has pulled us out of. Don’t have a pity-party but instead we need to look back on our lives and see how many times Jesus has saved us from ourselves!

3) Dynamic view vs. 19:
This is when we believe that God is so Big that whatever we ask, He can and will do. This is when we have no money in the bank but we are looking to start a business. We have faith in God and we know that He listens to us when we request something of Him.

In verse 19 Jesus gave us the keys. We can take our keys and say its loosed! Its not manifested yet but its loosed! Everybody take your keys out. Shake and wave them at the devil and say its loosed! What we bind on earth it is bound in Heaven, What we loose on earth it is loosed in Heaven! Shake your keys!! Shake your keys!! Tell Satan we have access to ALL things thru Jesus Christ!!