Sunday 6/10/12 Pastor Michael sermon A Divine Do-Over=A Call to Kingdom Living!!

Sunday 6/10/12 Pastor Michael sermon A Divine Do-Over=A Call to Kingdom Living!! Matt 4:16-22

Most of us, if we had the chance, would do things different. A do-over. Not make certain decisions, do things differently. A opportunity to do a Do-Over. The world has systems that are controlled by Satan. Jesus gives all of us a chance to have a divine do-over. We must repent to get into the kingdom lifestyle. A divine do-over.

1) Illumination from Dark/Dead places vs. 16-18

When people saw Jesus the light, they had to make the decision to repent and follow Jesus. We make bad decisions in the dark, at night.( boozing and clubbing at a night-club, hooking up with people (sex) is done at night, in darkness) When you stay in darkness long enough it leads to death. Roaches are bold in the dark but when the light comes on they scatter!

Many of us are going thru stuff because we are living the systems of the world and not the systems of Heaven and following God. Eve at the fruit. She saw it on the tree and it looked good. Sometimes what we see can get us to do wrong stuff. When Eve at the fruit, she entered into a dark place. The Bible says if what you are looking at causes you to go into dark places, pluck your eyes out! Married men don’t need to look at fine looking women. Turn your head! Look to the light, Jesus to get out of dark places. Look to the hills from whence cometh our help!

2) Receive the Call to Discipleship vs. 18-20

Jesus called Simon and Andrew to follow him and they left immediately to follow Jesus. They knew if Jesus said come then he has got your back and will take care of you. Kingdom people understand that Jesus will take care of us. We know if we take care of his business then he will take care of our business. If God has taken care of you then give him some praise!! We may not always have what we want but Jesus will make us always have what we need! Our redeemer lives and will take care of you and me!! Our physical needs are automatically met by God!