Pick up That Double edged Sword

About a week ago I ran into someone I use to play softball with. I asked him, "Hey where have you been? I havent seen you around." He replied, "Oh I just got back from celebrating our anniversary. We went to Catalina."
Then yesterday I ran into him and who I thought was his wife. He introduced me to her and i said, "Oh I heard you guys just had an anniversary...how many years have you two been married?"
He replied, "Oh we're not married. We just celebrated 7 years of living together."
I then said, "Oh. Then can I share something with you? And this by no means is passing judgement on you but I'd like you to see it for yourself."
They answered, "Sure" but not knowing what I was going to hit them with.
I said, "I'd like to challenge you two to go home and find a Bible and look up Galations 5:19-21. Now just in case you don't find the time to do this I am going to share with you what it says...Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which there is a list of them, and sexual immorality is in there and then it goes on to say that those who practice such things will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Now as you both know we are all sinners and we all fall short. But there is a difference between, lets say falling in to temptation, and actually practicing a sin. Practicing is when we no longer care about what God says and we do what we want."
Now the girl kept looking at her boyfriend and then back at me as if to see if he was listening. And then I continued...
"Now I hear some say that God should be a tollorant God...well then should I be a tollerant parent. Should I say to my kids "Oh its okay if you smoke drink or party in my house" of course not. I should be a loving parent that sets up bounderies to protect my kids right? And in doing so its showing them that I love them and want to protect them. Same with God, you guys, He loves you and wants to protect you. He has set up boundries because He sees the BIG picture and wants to protect His children."
The girl acted like she was happy I was explaining this to them. And they both were being very receptive.
So I continued, "You guys the Lord loves you. He loves you so much that He left behind a instruction manuel, the Bible. Its like love letters from the Lord saying do things My way and your life will be blessed."
Then I looked at Him and said, "Do you know who you are messing with? You are messing with God's daughter. You are sleeping with His child. How do you think He should deal with that?"
Then I addressed both of them, "Now when you guys want to get married and do things right I will pay for your marriage liscense okay? I care enough about the both of you that I'd like to see you do things right."
They both were shocked at that point and both agreed that they'd let me do that.
Brothers and sisters what can they say to that? Love is the greatest gift of all. We have to love people enough to tell them and then love them enough to help them do things right. The world supports sin we have to support His word. His word is a double edged sword...lets pick it up and use it.
May the Lord bless your day and may we too be a blessing to Him.
Love your sister,Jody