iwas so lost but now im found it took me aweek 7 days travelling from el paso to the aztec ruins to mesa verde colrado to the four corners indiana reservation to los vegas soon to be sodom and gomrha the most sinfull city in the usa to amboys crater in amboy california walked all the way out to the crater at 2 pm returned about 4 30 pm about 110 degrees 3 miles round trip to an un active volcano that erupted 0,000 years ago then to joshua trre national park on the san andres fault lne i clmbed the highest pile of rocks climbed the with a sleeping bag slept on a rock about 30 feet high and ask god to let me feel the power of an earth quake i layed there starinng up at the stars god open my eyes i saw the stars moving i could have been dreamng sem real to me but i gave my life to my god that nightand wow eve since then the devil has turned every body against i ve been call crazy gay phyco i was called gay cause i was cleaning litter up on dyer st in el paso texas people couldn t understand why i went out in 103 temps and cleaned litter from the streets i had to be gay on crazy a lady friend said her friends said that about me i just laughed i know how the devil works he will try his best to make me mad and turn me away from god i laugh i know in my heart i will never let my GOD down i lst half my friends but i do pray for them because they are edvl possed and believe i m crazy thats what the devils telling them he leads them now but by the power of god i will go up against the devil and win them back i will open there eyes so satn you better back down cause i m comng after you my God gave me power over you so flee from my sight and stay away from my friends i will convince them to cast you out like i have done(THE ANGEL OF EL PASO