I told her God want leave

-Change started with Ms. Penny/I thank God, for God sent her to me/Dear God, YOUR Spirit does something to me/month: six, day: two-eight I’ll remember this date/ For we walked by faith in 2012/Well, praise God with your street self in 2012…Hey, for we walk by faith, act by faith, talk by faith… HEY!!!

She walked up, and my bag of seeds was on my passenger seat folded up. Hold up,
I told her. As I tried to quote a holy scripture, but I paused and stalled “uh…,”
then I keep it g: I grabbed the Word then turned to Psalms.
Instead of me reading verse twenty in chapter 103
I told her, so she read it out loud with me and then said this out loud,
“Angels obey to the command of my words when I speak them out loud?”
I told her “Word up, that’s your gear so gear up.”
I threw her a copy of the Holy B-i-b-l-e after saying that, that was her I told her,
“Take that, read that, believe that, speak that, trust that, and you’ll see that.”
This is faith talk I had with one who street walks. On the late night
she stopped me saying that she lacked insight because her money wasn’t right.
I said, “You’re not talking right because your mind isn’t right.”
Then I helped her to get her bread right….HEY!!
We talked about eleven (HEY)
First verse in Hebrews.
We praised for God rules. (HEY)
Do you ride with me?
“Yeah,” she said, (HEY)
so I drove her down Hillsborough Street discussing Deuteronomy.
I told her God want leave (HEY)
Hey, I told her, “God want leave
You just have to believe.”/ I told her, “God want leave.”/ (HEY, you just have to believe.
This is faith talk.