"We have two hearts at Believe: our People and our Artists. Together we create mutually beneficial opportunities, positively transforming the music industry."

Denis Ladegaillerie, Chief Executive Officer
SMFG- fond
Shaping Music for good

In 2021, Believe formalized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, which is at the very heart of its business model: Shaping Music for Good. This program is the result of an in-depth reflection on how Believe can positively impact society. 

It is with our artists and collaborators, our two hearts beating in unison, that we wish to continue to transform the digital music sector. Their talents and commitments are a source of inspiration to develop with our partners, a music industry that is diverse, inclusive and sustainable for our planet. Together, we are Shaping Music for Good. 

Our 4 pillars
    Local Talent black
    Developing Diverse and Local Talent

    Our mission is to develop and promote diverse artists and labels with solutions best adapted to the digital world and every stage of their career. Our local teams are made up of passionate digital music experts who can advise, distribute and promote both artists and labels around the world. Encouraging music diversity by distributing and promoting artists and labels from all backgrounds and/or music genres, and in all countries worldwide, is one of our key ambitions. Promoting gender equity and diversity among our artists and our teams, and encouraging inclusion are part of our Shaping Music for Good strategy. 

    Cultivating talent for the Digital Music Era_black
    Cultivating talent for the Digital Music Era

    Developing the careers of the Group's artists and employees is a key element in the success of Believe’s strategy. Believe helps artists and labels to transition their career and business development to the digital world through upskilling, reskilling and support. Believe is also committed to ensuring our employees get access to the latest in digital music training and are seen as the go-to experts in the industry.  

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    Building trusting relationships with our artists

    We would not exist without the trust of our people and that of our artists and labels. Our driving forces of respect, fairness, and transparency serve as our day-to-day compass which guide our interactions with artists, our labels, our partners, and also within our company. They are the foundation of trusting relationships. We are committed to protecting the interest, creativity and independence of our artists and labels. We also fight against discrimination and strive to build a healthy and respectful working environment for our teams. 

    Empowering our community_black
    Empowering our community to have a long-term positive impact

    As a key player in the digital music industry, it is our responsibility to empower our community to have a long-term positive impact on our industry, and to create a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive world. We do this by leveraging technology for sustainable talent development, implementing actions to reduce our carbon footprint, and empowering Believers to be agents of change through our employee-driven ambassador program: Believe for Planet and Believe for People & Parity. 

Our key achievements so far
  • Gender Equity
    • 50% of women in the Executive Committee in 2022 
    • 43% of women among all employees in 2022
    • Gender Equality Index of 99/100 in France in 2022 and 2023
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: DEI training program “BeFair” and “Diversity & Inclusion Charter” 
    • Believe for People / Parity ambassador program 
  • Climate
    • Conducted a global assessment of our carbon footprint 
    • Our carbon footprint of our offices and digital/IT equipment : 871 tons of C02eq (scope 1&2 in 2021) 
    • On-going roadmap to identify action plans to reduce our impact 
    • Believe for Planet ambassador program 
Our Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Report
  • Believe published in 2022 its first CSR report (Non-Financial Performance Statement) audited by a third-party and drafted in compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance standards and regulations. 

Our partners in favor of Diversity & Climate
  • 2022
    women in music
    Women in Music

    Believe and TuneCore signed an agreement with Women in Music, a global community “committed to advancing gender equality, visibility and opportunities for women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment and recognition.” 

  • 2021
    50 in Tech - CSR

    Starting in 2021, Believe partnered with 50inTech, an organization that aims for 50% of representation of women in tech by 2050. Believe signed onto 50inTech's signatory pledge which commits them to creating a safe and empowering space for women to work. 

  • 2022
    Keychange Pledge Agreement

    Believe and TuneCore signed a pledge agreement with Keychange, a music industry international gender equality initiative, committed to carrying out impactful actions to increase representation of and empower women and gender minorities within the music industry. Believe pledged to work in six key areas to increase gender equality across the organization. TuneCore’s CEO was named a Keychange ambassador for the U.S. 

  • 2021
    TuneCore/Believe MIDiA study

    TuneCore/ Believe in partnership with MIDiA Research released the second annual, global study ‘BE THE CHANGE: Women In Music 2022’. The report follows the groundbreaking study conducted in 2021, which revealed the challenges that women creators face in a male-dominated industry. This 2022 study evaluates the challenging (and sometimes painful) journeys that many women (and gender minority) creators and executives face, in addition to an in-depth exploration of issues that affect confidence.  

  • Our Manifesto
    We Believe in...

    Since its creation, Believe has based its decisions and actions on four core values - our driving forces - that guide everyone’s behavior: respect, expertise, fairness and transparency. Generating trust for artists and labels, these values empower them while providing them the autonomy they need.

  • Careers
    Set The Tone

    Interested in being part of our Shaping Music for Good adventure?  You can find all of our current job openings on our new Careers site. You can also learn about our values and commitments, and meet the Believers who contribute to our diversity and success.