Setting The Tone with Liana Andriamanamisata

Setting The Tone with Liana Andriamanamisata
Published Apr 11, 2022
4 min read

For the second installment of Setting The Tone, our Believe employee portrait series created in partnership with Welcome To The Jungle, we spoke with Liana Andriamanamisata. Liana has been a Product Owner on the Contracts & Accounts team at Believe since 2019. 

Product Owner at Believe since 2019, Liana began her career in IT auditing. First as an external consultant at KPMG where she brought her technical expertise to statutory auditors, then internally at the car manufacturer Renault. When she decided to move to a more operational position, Liana seized the opportunity to discover and deepen her knowledge of a specific organization and its processes, in a sector that she likes, the music industry!   

What is the nature of your job in the Contract & Account team?

My team is responsible for the contract signature process for Believe and the artists/labels, as well as collecting and managing customer data. I am the Product Owner of a section of an internal tool developed by Believe, that centralizes all the contractual and operational data related to the artists and labels working with us.

My work primarily consists in improving the tool: I meet the user teams to understand their needs and prioritize them. Then I study how to best meet those needs as efficiently as possible with the squad of developers. Finally, I follow the implementation and participate in the testing of the improvements until their final delivery.

As the producer data is made available to other Believe teams, part of my job is to guarantee its quality, for instance by setting up automated controls when iimporting data from other systems, when manually entering data or by facilitating retrospective data evaluation. Of course, I also have to make sure that the tool works well and is bug-free.

What are the applications you work with daily?

It comes as no surprise that I primarily use the tool for which I am Product Owner. As we work with the Agile methodology, I also use  the project management solution JIRA a lot, whether to formalize the requirements, break them down into "user stories" (the description of the target behavior for each feature in the Agile method), and follow up the developments and the tests.  Finally, for data quality analysis, I mainly use Excel or the Power BI data analysis solution.

What role plays technology for your Contract & Account team?

In our team, technology allows to automate tasks for which people do not necessarily have a lot of added value, thus allowing our co-workers to focus on mattersthat require more analysis.

Technology also allows us to process a greater volume of contracts faster and more efficiently, with more reliable data that can be made available to the teams that need it more easily.

You mention Believe for Parity, an internal group of ambassadors working on initiatives to achieve gender equality. What concrete actions are being implemented?

Believe for Parity is an initiative created by employees – and for employees – focusing on gender equality matters in the workplace. The ambassadors also provide listening, support and guidance. We are organized in different teams, working on topics such as parenting guidance, one-on-one interview coaching or the promotion of female artists. I am mainly active in the group in charge of the mentoring program.

How does this Believe for Parity mentoring program work?

We launched a pilot promotion last year and are still in the process of structuring, but our objective is now to launch two promotions of 5 to 10 mentor/mentee pairups each year. We collect applications and match the profiles, then the pairs work on one of the mentee’s specific needs: it can be related to management, career orientation, the music industry, soft skills development... As we are striving to put at least one woman in all the pairs, we are reaching parity.

What is it about Believe that makes you want to get up in the morning?

Well, for starters, I work in a sector that I really like ! Also, I work with managers who allow me to work autonomously while remaining available if there is any problem. Being able to suggest your own ideas and solutions to solve a problem, is very motivating. Just like knowing that you can rely on a team that will listen and help you if you ever encounter a difficulty.

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