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Believe is one of the world’s leading digital music companies, developing local artists and labels with solutions best adapted to the digital world and to meet their varying needs.

Be part of a company that differentiates by:

  • Building solutions best adapted to artists and labels at each stage of their career and development;
  • Developing local artists and labels first;
  • Being focused on digital leveraging expertise, data and technology to create innovative solutions;
  • Integrating the values of respect, fairness and transparency at the core of our development.

Our ambition is to build the leading artist and label development platform for the digital world leveraging our technology, music and digital DNA.

A place for all talents

We share the same desire to succeed, the same passion for music, and the same desire to innovate in order to achieve our goal: to help all artists grow, whatever their stage of development, everywhere in the world.

To make that happen, we rely on all our talented people. We quickly entrust them with responsibilities and great freedom of action.

We place our trust in their decision-making, because we are convinced that it is their spirit of initiative and their ability to reinvent themselves that drives us forward. These experts work every day to build the future of music with us.

Every day, together, we learn, and we build. Every day, together, we dare, we try, and we succeed. Most of all, every day, we enjoy working together.

  • Shimantini Gupta

    Quick introduction to Shimantini, our A&R Manager ASD based in Mumbai (India), who joined Believe four and a half months ago.

  • Adrien Bosom

    Quick introduction to Adrien, our Head of Digital Marketing ASD based in Paris (France), who joined Believe almost one year ago.

  • Jocelle Koh

    Quick introduction to Jocelle, Label Manager working with both artists and labels in Taïwan from our Singapore headquarters.

  • Alix de Carné Carnavalet

    Quick introduction to Alix, our Group Talent Acquisition Director based in France, who joined Believe 6 months ago.

How to recruit and onboard our team

We put a lot of care into the process of making our new employees part of the team. At Believe, the adventure begins even before you take up your post!

Because being immersed in our culture, knowing our history, our identity... All these are essential to bringing you on board in the best possible conditions. You will receive all the key information about the group several days before you start.

You will also have the chance to spend some time with your future workmates. About ten days before your arrival, you will meet the team over a friendly lunch.

And on your first day, we will organise a breakfast event to welcome you.

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