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A redesign of the Believe Help Center!

Believe Help Center

Artists and labels working with Believe already know it: when they need information on how our products and services work, the Believe Help Center is the first place to go to. The Help Center has been completely redesigned to provide our artists and labels partners with even better support.

 "We have been listening to the needs raised by our customers.  By proposing this new Help Center we also want to show that we are concerned about providing the best service possible. Today, we are already working on new features on this platform and we can't wait to show you everything." 
Jérôme GOURION (Customer Support Knowledge Management Senior Leader) 

Accessible since March 15th, the new Believe Help Center has a new interface and structure to ease access to content. Already available in French and English, the Help Center homepage now provides access to the following sections

- Getting started is a guide through the site's content to help you create your first musical release on our ecosystem. It also includes instructions on how to view performances in Backstage and how to create a first financial report.

- The FAQ is the most important part of the site. It contains a regularly updated database of articles to answer frequently asked questions about our products and services: how to maintain your Backstage account, how to create and promote audio or video releases, how to use Analytics, how to answer questions about financial and legal aspects...

- The "Video Gallery" will host all presentations and tutorials on our products and services.

Help Center

- Now located right on the home page, the "Contact Us" button allows you to get in touch with Believe's support teams in just a few clicks. A contact link is also present in the menu at the top of the page and can be used at any time during the navigation.

-  Finally, the “Top Articles” section presents the most read articles by the community. Previously available on the Help Center, the "News" section is now accessible from the Backstage home page.  

The Believe Help Center now answers the most frequently asked questions. We are now working on making the content even more accessible by translating it into 7 other languages (Chinese, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish) and by creating presentation videos and tutorials.