Update: February 2023

Gender Equality Index


We are proud to announce that we have maintained our excellent score of 99/100 on the “Gender Equality Index" in France for this 2023 edition, confirming the Group’s on-going commitment to gender equity. For the third year in a row, Believe is setting up high industry standards in gender equity in full alignment with our CSR strategy: “Shaping Music For Good”. 

Gender Equality Index Infographic

" Achieving this encouraging score of 99/100 for the second year in a row illustrates our capacity to apply the principles of gender equity to all our HR processes. Both HR teams and managers are taking action to ensure all year long that we keep reducing potential gaps. Our decision since a few years to extend this Index in some countries where Believe is present allows us to measure the progress across the Group. This is the result of a collective work that we can all be proud of, and I am personally proud of being part of a company promoting and acting for gender equity! " 

Sandrine BOSSARD, Chief People Officer 

The “Gender Equality Index” (“Index de l’Egalité professionnelle” in French) is an initiative of the French Government aiming at measuring gender equality and improving transparency. All companies with +50 employees must calculate their score out of 100 points through 5 indicators:

  • Remuneration gap between women and men (40 points)
  • Spread gap of individual salary increases (20 points)
  • Spread gap of promotions (15 points)
  • Number of female employees receiving salary increases upon return from maternity leave (15 points)
  • Parity within the 10 highest salaries (10 points)

After significant improvements since the launch of the index in 2019, and thanks to a pro-active action plan, we had already reached the score of 99/100 in 2022 (2021 data).

We are proud to be able to maintain this score for the 2nd year in a row in 2023 (on 2022 data) in France. This is the result of an ambitious and continuous gender equity policy implemented throughout the organization with the full support of our managers.

Believe is striving for gender equity to be a reality every day in all our offices and we are conscious that continuous improvement is needed in order to be part of the very few (only 2% of all companies in 2022) to reach the maximal score. In addition to improvement in France, we have extended the French Index to 6 other countries (China, Germany, India, UK, USA) where Believe is present to assess the worldwide impact of our policies.

Our key achievements so far
  • Key data about Believe's Gender Equality Index

    99/100 in 2023

    + 43 points from 2019 to 2023

    • 56/100 in 2019 (data from 2018)
    • 90/100 in 2020 (data from 2019)
    • 97/100 in 2021 (data from 2020)
    • 99/100 in 2022 (data from 2021)
    • 99/100 in 2023 (data from 2022)
  • Key highlight of Believe's Action plan
    • Proactive female recruitment policy (including inTech)
    • Remuneration policy based on external and internal benchmarks and implementation of job architecture to guarantee equal pay
    • Controls on gender equity during annual salary and career reviews (pay rise, promotion, gap analysis)
    • A community of ambassadors for gender equity worldwide