Our local activities
  • Believe Label & Artist Solutions

    For more than 15 years, Believe Label & Artist Solutions has been offering distribution and digital Marketing solutions to independent artists and labels in 50 countries across the world. 
    Thanks to a content distribution and marketing platform powered by a team of experts in artist development, Believe L&AS allows artists and labels to build, engage and monetize their audience on streaming, video and social media channels.

  • Believe Artist Services

    Believe Artist Services offers a large expertise developing innovative digital-first marketing strategies tailored to independent artists in more than 14 countries (including France, Germany, UK, Russia, India, Brazil, …). Artist Services leverage Believe’s unique technology and data driven insights to deliver results as well as best in class digital distribution.

  • TuneCore

    Founded in 2005 and acquired by Believe in 2015, TuneCore is the global DIY platform for independent musicians to build audiences and careers -- with technology and services across distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services. The company distributes music to 150+ digital stores and streaming partners and pays 100% of 100% of earnings directly to the artists. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta and Austin, the company operates globally through local teams based in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Japan and Singapore.

Believe in the Middle East & North Africa

Believe has been a champion of Arabic artists and music from 2010. Supporting distribution initially from France, we began building our network across the Middle East and North Africa starting in 2014.

We’re excited to be scouting, showcasing and developing the careers of a range of Arabic, anglophone and francophone artists and labels.

We focus on helping them earn income through sharing content to local and regional audiences as well as broadening their international reach through major digital stores and platforms.

  • + Committed to developing local digital music ecosystems

  • + Local presence to best serve local artists and partners

  • + Tailoring strategies to maximise revenues from local and international audiences

Our leadership team
    Viktoria Siniavskaia
    President META, East & Southern Europe, Americas
    Dolly Makhoul 2023
    Dolly Makhoul
    Managing Director, MENA
    Celine Hitti
    Celine Hitti
    Head of Artist Services MENA
Our driving forces

Believe is guided by four founding values that drive our decisions and actions, and ensure our company best serves the artists and labels we work with. Our relationships are based on respect, expertise, fairness and transparency, cherishing artists and labels’ autonomy and freedom, creating a supportive working environment that offers the best career accelerator for those wanting to work in the music industry of the future.

  • Sarah Kamal
    Sarah Kamal, Label Manager - Egypt

    We treat all our Artists and labels with the care, honesty, integrity, respect, and professionalism that they deserve, and ensure that their music will be given its best chance for success. Believe also treats all employees with respect and is always open to new ideas to develop their career in this ever-changing musical landscape. I love working with the team at Believe within an environment of respect to both my colleagues and clients. In a region where the music landscape is still in development, I find our artists mostly praising our driving forces, particularly the level of respect we have for their work and their careers in music. No one out there now can help the emerging artist in the MENA Region to navigate the current confusing world of music better than Believe. Believe works in an agile and flexible way without hesitation, to ensure all artists needs are met, leading to high client satisfaction.

  • Ralph Maftoum
    Ralph Maftoum, Editorial & Marketing Partnerships Manager

    Believe is a great place to work because it ensures excellent performance in the workplace by investing in continuous training and guaranteeing a professional learning environment for all employees. Innovation is crucial in the digital music business; we always aim for progression of knowledge and be up-to-the-minute with the technologies. We build trust with our clients by supporting them, and by sharing our knowledge with them which allows them to grow steadily and surely. We are the stores’ trusted partners when it comes to testing new features and discovering new frontiers. Innovation is in our genes.

  • Tala Houssami
    Tala Houssami, Customer Care Representative

    Fairness is at the core of our operations. We believe in cultivating an environment where every artist, regardless of their background or level of recognition, is given equal opportunities to thrive. We firmly believe that a fair and inclusive approach not only enhances our company culture but also fuels the creative energy that drives our success in the dynamic and ever-evolving music industry.

  • Dina Hakim
    Dina Hakim, Label Manager - Levant

    Transparency is without a doubt one of the main driving forces that allow us to build strong and truthful relationships with our artists and within our team. We pride ourselves in being open and transparent with our artists with regard to data, expertise, expectations and challenges. The culture that Believe encourages is one of respect, openness, and trust ... and that wouldn’t be possible without transparency!

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