9 Believe artists and bands to inspire you before summer!

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Written by: Benjamin Walewski
Published Jun 04, 2024
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Hot off the press, here's our quarterly selection of artists from the Believe and TuneCore rosters! Meet the nine artists and bands from around the world who are making waves this year, and who are most definitely sure to be in your playlist in the next weeks! 

If your definition of good sound is mellow electronic pop, indie rock, R&B or even Japanese hip-hop - or all of the above if you're a real music fan - then you're in for a treat, because the artists we present here all excel in a variety of musical genres. Obviously, with over 1.3 million artists working with us, there are some you’ll absolutely love. The hardest part is choosing those we’re presenting you here.  

Some of them are real rookies, others are seasoned artists peaking in the charts. They hail from Serbia, Singapore, Mexico or Italy. All different, but they have that thing in common: they’re great!  

So, you know what to do : turn on the volume, here we go!  

RED EYE – Japan

Red Eye got into hip-hop as a kid: he first made his mark on the Japanese rap scene in 2017, at the age of 15, coming 4th in his high school's rap battle championship. He reached 1st place in 2019, and quit the battles to focus on his music, collaborating with OVERKILL on the POCKET video series, which racked up nearly 8 million views. With the buzz, his first solo concert, held the year he turned 18, sold out.

After two EPs, in 2019 and 2020, he simultaneously released LIVING and LEGEND in 2021, two albums on which he mixes rap, trap and reggae. The excellent reception of these albums enabled him to tour several times, with concerts often selling out. At the same time, he worked on his third album, Mother Earth, released in March 2023.

At the end of 2023, the rapper releases “ASIAN CINEMA”, a single announcing his 4th EP. YOMI is released on May 1, 2024, along with the video for the remix of “ASIAN CINEMA”. A busy month, as Red Eye also released “DUMMY UP”, an energetic new track, and confirmed its participation in the 2024 edition of the POP YOURS FESTIVAL, a performance that's already shaping up to be historic!

RENE – Singapore

Hailing from the city-state of Singapore, RENE is an indie artist whose music is rooted in indie pop and indie rock. Although she only officially released her debut track "Lonely" in 2018, she has been playing several instruments since childhood and was already performing live as a singer and guitarist in her teens.

After a handful of singles in 2019 and 2020, and an appearance on The Great Singapore Replay TV show, RENE released Something To Hide in 2021, her first entirely self-produced EP with a clear pop-rock slant. With "Better Than To Brood", released in the summer of the same year, RENE introduced a more atmospheric sound, which was confirmed with the following singles “Dry In The Sun” and “Rule The World” in 2023, which had a more abrasive, almost shoegaze sound. These singles were later included on the Slipped Through My Fingers EP.

RENE is also a queer artist who is very active in Singapore's LGBTQIA+ cause. She collaborated with indie pop singer-songwriter Marian Carmel on the track “We're gonna die anyway”, that they describe as "a song by gays, for gays" and which takes an optimistic approach to the cause. As RENE's Instagram account shows, the two artists are still working together. Can we dream of another joint track for 2024?

FIGHTMASTER – United States

If you are a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, you may already know E.R Fightmaster for their role as Kai Bartley, the first non-binary doctor of the show, in seasons 18 and 19. But E.R Fightmaster is not just an actor, they also are a talented musician, part of the L.A based duo Twin. And now as a solo artist under their own (all caps) name.

Their solo project is very new, as it started during the Writers Guild of America strike of 2023. E.R Fightmaster used this forced halt to funnel their creativity intro writing new songs, fueled with pristine indie-rock and indie-pop. In July 2023, FIGHTMASTER released their first abrasive rock single, “Bad Man”, which was then included in the Violence EP released in October.

FIGHTMASTER has met with growing public and critical interest: their song were added to Tunecore’s New Artists and Sub Pop’s Employee Pick playlists, and mentioned in several music press articles such as SPIN's "Independent Artists You May Have Missed in 2023". Although in 2024, E.R Fightmaster is co-hosting a new podcast about queer people in sports called Jockular, their recent successes seem to have convinced them to continue on their musical path, since the artist released the hazy rock songs “Tsunami” and “BRICK X BRICK” in May.

SOFFIE – Germany

In the music world, when we speak of an artist as a "newcomer", we mean that he or she has only recently arrived on the music scene and has made a point of getting noticed by as many people as possible. Which perfectly defines Soffie. Perhaps because she is, as she says, too loud? In any case, her electronic indie-pop tracks are joyfully alive!

Soffie - the double F in her first name coming from the musical notation of tempo fortissimo... like her character - began her career in 2022, singing on two tracks by producer Sumo, “RaK” and “Xari”. At the end of 2023, she released her first two singles, “Rosenkhol”and “Heute Sterben” But it was her track “Für immer Frühling” that brought her to the forefront in a totally unexpected way.

In early January, the young music student posted a short demo version of “Für immer Frühling” on her TikTok account, a track about a utopia where everyone is welcome. At a time when many demonstrations against the extreme right were being organized in Germany, Soffie's track was taken up by many protesters, becoming a kind of anthem and quickly going viral, reaching number 11 in the charts and racking up millions of listens on streaming platforms. We wish her the same success for her last single "Bevor du gehst"

LOIR – Philippines

LOIR first appeared as a featured artist on independent rapper Rave's single “Layag” and on local hip-hop legend Gloc-9's songs “Sanib” and “OKA”. Even if LOIR is a natural-born singer and songwriter, these features may have helped put her on the Pinoy music scene and get a contract with a big record company, through which she released her first solo single “SAKAY” in the summer of 2021.

Later in 2021, LOIR released the piano ballad "Anino Ng Kahapon", and a slow pop/R&B track with rapper Guddhist Gunatita. They had already teamed up on "Dalampasigan", and then again in 2022 for two very chill and sunny rap tracks : "Aningan", then "Hiraya" on Guddhist's album. That same year, LOIR released a handful of singles that veered between pop and R&B: “Panaginip”, “Pahiyom'” and “MAMA”, a melancholy pop ballad that was her first song in English.

While 2023 has been a quieter year for LOIR, she has released her debut EP, Chapters, featuring her previous singles, and one exclusive : “TAKAS”, an epic new collaboration with rapper Gloc-9.  2024 will be a pivotal year for LOIR, who has now taken back full control of her unique artistry. She has already started to demonstrate her newfound inspiration with the recently released single "I Love You".

ODISSEO – Mexico

Odisseo are an independent alternative rock band founded in Mexico City in 2010, making them perhaps the longest-running band in our selection. Although the band originally mixed sounds from synth-pop, English rock, and romantic Latin ballads from the 80s, they have managed to find their own style and build a devoted audience far beyond Mexico's borders.

After their first EP in 2011, the band went on to release 4 albums - the last of which, Generación Inmediata, was released in 2022 - and three other EPs. In the latest one, Nada Para Siempre, released in November 2023, the band takes a break from guitars and pop-rock sound to cover several of their hits in mariachi versions. Enough to delight their loyal fanbase, who have helped them reach 250 million streams on Spotify.

2024 has already been a busy year for Odisseo, who have released two singles, “Obsesión” and “No Te Puedo Adivinar”, a rock song with electrifying guitars and intense emotions. While the band certainly has some new material on the way, they are most importantly preparing for a historic concert at the Auditorio Nacional, the Mexican capital's legendary venue. A major achievement for a band that's a must-see if you like Spanish-rock.

DEVITO – Serbia

Interestingly, Devito first entered the music industry as a photographer and videographer. After moving to Belgrade, the young artist set up his studio and directed music videos for several leading Serbian artists such as Vuk Mob, Ana Kokić, and Aca Lukas.  His fame exploded in 2019, when he released his second single “Barbie”.

His success isn't just down to the weird white balaclava he wears on every occasion, but more to the edgy electro trap sound he offers. In 2019, his track “UH” surpassed one million views on YouTube. In 2020, “VUDU”, a reggaeton-sounding track featuring pop star Teodora, became the most popular Serbian single of the year, with 12 million streams. In 2021, “Roze”, featuring Bosnian rappers Buba Correli and Jala Brat, topped the 50 million streams mark.

His ability to mould his style to the current trends has made Devito one of the most popular Serbian rappers of the moment. Released in May 2023, his debut album Plava krv is a perfect example of this: while the trap sound that made him a success is still there, Devito doesn't hesitate to pose on a track of vitamin-packed dembow, or to invite the singer Brescvika on a Balkan pop electronica track.


Few satirical groups are as popular as Il Pagante. It all began in 2010, when Guglielmo Panzera and Alfredo Tomasi created the Facebook page of the character Johnny Il Pagante, to poke fun at young Milanese people. Building on his success, they decided to bring him to life in music videos, with the help of producers Merk & Kremont, singers Federica Napoli and Roberta Branchini, and rapper Eddy Veerus.

Between 2012 and 2016, Il Pagante released 9 singles - in a style mixing EDM, trance, italo-house - and as many videos that amassed millions of views. Released in 2016, Il Pagante's debut album, Entro in pass, ranked 3rd in the Italian Top Album chart. Between 2017 and 2022, the band toured extensively, releasing two albums - Paninaro 2.0 and Devastante - and eleven singles, all of which reached the official charts. Some, such as “Settimana bianca”, even received gold certification.

At the beginning of 2024, the single “Spingere” with rapper Villabanks reached number 21 in the official Italian singles chart and entered the top 5 in the official charts of the main streaming platforms. Let's wish the same success to “Maranza”, Il Pagante's new track with Fabio Rovazzi. We already know that it's sure to be a hit at every Italian party this summer!


It is sometimes said that to break into music, you need to have a lot of attitudes, and boy, do Bentley Robles have some! Labeling himself the “Main Pop Boy”, the young artist emerged from New York's underground queer scene in 2021 with "Don't Feel Like Talking", a debut track definitively announcing his energetic synth-pop style.

After a few tracks in 2022 - including a hit cover of ABBA's "Lay All Your Love On Me" - and several bangers for the summer of 2023, Bentley released his first six-track EP in November. UGLY CRIER earned him praise from media outlets such as Wonderland and Queerty for his singer-songwriter talents, an appearance on the coveted cover of Spotify's Fresh Find playlist, and selection in the Fresh Dance Pop, OBSESSED and New Pop Picks playlists.

The EP had to be reissued, and this was done in March 2024 in album format, with 5 previously unreleased tracks! At the end of March, Bentley also released the track "Anyone But Him" with his Californian pal Zee Machine, announcing a joint mini-tour in the process. We already know that summer will be hot for - and with - Bentley Robles, as he has promised us a new ultra-pop cover of “Mamma Mia” in duet with drag pop star Lagoona Bloo!