Our local activities
  • Believe Artist Services

    Believe Artist Services offers a large expertise developing innovative digital-first marketing strategies tailored to independent artists in more than 14 countries (including France, Germany, UK, Russia, India, Brazil, …). Artist Services leverage Believe’s unique technology and data driven insights to deliver results as well as best in class digital distribution.

  • Believe Label & Artist Solutions

    For more than 15 years, Believe Label & Artist Solutions has been offering distribution and digital Marketing solutions to independent artists and labels in 50 countries across the world. Thanks to a content distribution and marketing platform powered by a team of experts in artist development, Believe L&AS allows artists and labels to build, engage and monetize their audience on streaming, video and social media channels.

  • Kithlabo

    KithLabo provides artist services to independent modern pop artists in Indonesia. The label matches the best of both music and tech worlds, empowering its experts with Believe's in-house technology & data organization as well as digital distribution and marketing solutions to deliver best-in class services to the artists they work with, such as Yura Yunita, Mikha Angelo, Julian Jacob, Hindia, GE, Laze & Sal Priadi.

  • TuneCore

    Founded in 2005 and acquired by Believe in 2015, TuneCore is the global DIY platform for independent musicians to build audiences and careers -- with technology and services across distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services. The company distributes music to 150+ digital stores and streaming partners and pays 100% of 100% of earnings directly to the artists. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta and Austin, the company operates globally through local teams based in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Japan and Singapore.

  • bYOND

    Embracing the promising future of the Thai Hip Hop, bYOND is focusing on driving hip hop artists to their utmost level.

    We aim to amplify believe/bYOND strength in digital music technology, how our expertise and technology help accelerate Hip Hop artists’ success, and how our core values contribute to drive our artists to the top.

Believe in SEA & AUNZ

The Asia Pacific region embodies Believe’s multi-local, on-ground approach in over 10 territories. Since 2013 we’ve been growing apace in very diverse geographic landscapes always adapting to local dynamic and a rapidly evolving music industry.

Attuned to the specificities (language, culture, genre) of each local music scene, our network of experts are able to adapt marketing and sales strategies for the different stages of development of our artists, as well as leverage our relationships with distribution platforms locally and internationally.

  • + Key player in developing digital music ecosystems

  • + Proximity to provide wide-range of services to local artists and labels

  • + Bespoke strategies for local and international sales & distribution

Our leadership team
    Sylvain Delange 2022
    Sylvain Delange
    President APAC
    Antoine El Iman 2022
    Antoine El Iman
    Managing Director, SEA & AUNZ
    Dahlia Wijaya, Country Manager, Indonesia 
    Dahlia Wijaya
    Country Director, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
    Somwalee Limrachtamorn 2022
    Somwalee Limrachtamorn
    Country Director Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmmar
    Georgette Joanne Luciano TENGCO
    Georgette Tengco
    Country Director, Philippines
    Pearlyn Koh 2022
    Pearlyn Koh
    People Director
    Mick Tarbuk
    Mick Tarbuk
    Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand
    Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson
    Head of TuneCore UK, IE, AU, NZ, CAN
    Cyrus Chen 2022
    Cyrus Chen
    Head of TuneCore, South East Asia
Our driving forces

Believe is guided by four founding values that drive our decisions and actions, and ensure our company best serves the artists and labels we work with. Our relationships are based on respect, expertise, fairness and transparency, cherishing artists and labels’ autonomy and freedom, creating a supportive working environment that offers the best career accelerator for those wanting to work in the music industry of the future.

  • Melvin Wong, Head of Distribution, Malaysia & Singapore
    Melvin Wong, Head of Label & Artist Solutions Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

    We strive in understanding each other personality & culture with an open heart embracing every aspect of each individual uniqueness. We cherish the valuable experience with each other specialty & cementing trust amongst colleagues, artists, labels ensuring we demonstrate the best quality in service.

  • Noah Ton, Head of Artist Relations Distribution, Vietnam
    Noah Ton, Head of Label & Artist Solutions, Vietnam

    Believe has encouraged me on trusting & fair partnership, empowers me to be more confident in my expert knowledge for industry impact.


  • Dahlia Wijaya, Country Manager, Indonesia 
    Dahlia Wijaya, Country Director, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

    We nurture fairness among the team, producers/artists, and potential partners. I always give the same opportunity to all the team members. Without any discrimination, if they have the ability and expertise, I will provide equal opportunities in self-development (in terms of training, promotion, etc.) For the producers/artists, we provide equality regardless the new or establish producers/artists with fair opportunities-based uniqueness of quality content and marketing/promotion plans. I will be fair in communication information/updates from DSP/Believe to each of them.

  • John David Laylo, Digital Marketing Manager AU & PH
    John David Laylo, Digital Marketing Manager PH

    As a Digital Marketing Manager for the Philippines I always make sure to provide media and strategy plan on where we're allocating the budget and how are we supporting the artist for digital growth this is to provide transparency between Believe and the artists on budget allocation, creative strategy, and over-all engagement with the artists.

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