Doing our best for labels and artists

Noah Ton
Head of Label & Artist Solutions, Vietnam
Noah Ton, Head of Artist Relations Distribution, Vietnam
Leveraging our best-in class marketing & technology expertise for labels and artists

For more than 15 years, Believe Label & Artist Solutions has been creating and extending distribution and marketing solutions to independent labels and artists in 50 territories across the world.

Thanks to our in-house technology built and supported by music and data experts, we deliver all music content and formats to our vast network of over 200 digital platforms and streaming services.

Our mission is to design go-to-market strategies tailored for labels and artists in order to make their work accessible to the widest audience and engage their fanbase. We implement such strategies thanks to our global network of local and passionate music experts who have built close relationships with our platform partners on the daily.

Our philosophy is to defend our labels and artists' best interests whilst building solid, balanced and innovation-based relationships with our digital platform partners.

  • Distribution Solutions

    We distribute all kinds of music content to a network of over 200 digital stores and streaming services, leading us to rank #1 in Apple & Spotify's Preferred Partner Program.

  • Audience Development

    Our audience development solutions, catered to the needs of each artist, are our key success factors in building engagement and exposing the artists to their fanbase.

  • Our Technologies

    Investing in technology early on allowed us to design unique tools that help us manage, promote and analyse the performance of music catalogues for maximum impact.

  • Financial Support

    Beside negotiating the best service deals with retail partners, we offer transparent contracts, clear royalties reports, easy payments and ensure fair distribution of value for artists and labels.