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    "We have two hearts at Believe: our People and our Artists. Together we create mutually beneficial opportunities, positively transforming the music industry."

    Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO

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    At Believe, our commitment to shaping music for good is at the heart of our business model and our Driving Forces.

    We strive to shape the music industry for good by building trusting relationships with artists and partners. We invest in the growth and talent development of our local markets. We also work to empower our community to have a positive impact on society.

    We work to achieve progress on our core priorities:

    • Gender equity,
    • Diversity, equity & inclusion,
    • Environmental sustainability, and,
    • Health and well-being for our employees, artists, and industry partners.
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    Our 4 priorities Shaping Music for Good
      Gender Equity
      Gender Equity

      We strive for the music industry to be a place where women and people of diverse genders can thrive.

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      DEI inclusion
      Diversity, equity, & inclusion

      We commit to amplifying under-represented voices and ensuring respect for all artists and Believers.

      Well-being & talent growth

      We aim to create an environment that promotes health and well-being for all.

      We support career journey, skill development and education for our people, artists, and partners.

      Environmental sustainability
      Environmental sustainability

      We commit to participate in the collective effort toward sustainability and climate action. 

    Our Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Report
    • Believe released its 2022-2023 report on its social and environmental practices. A third-party audited the report to ensure that it follows Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidelines.

      Discover our Shaping Music for Good strategy, our progress and activities (extract from the Universal Registration Document).

    Our partners in favor of Diversity & Climate
    • women in music
      Women in Music

      Believe and TuneCore have partnered with Women in Music. Women in Music is a worldwide community. It dedicates itself to promoting gender equality, visibility, and opportunities for women in the music industry. They do this through education, support, empowerment, and recognition

    • Keychange-CSR
      Keychange Pledge and Keychange US

      Believe and TuneCore signed Key Change Pledge, a global initiative in favor of gender equality and under-represented genders within the music industry.

      Since 2022, Believe and TuneCore are Founding Sponsors of Keychange U.S. supporting the expansion of Keychange in the United-Stated. TuneCore’s CEO Andreea Gleeson is also a Keychange ambassador for the U.S

    • 50 in Tech - CSR

      Starting in 2021, Believe partnered with 50inTech, an organization that aims for 50% of representation of women in tech by 2050. Believe signed onto 50inTech's signatory pledge which commits them to creating a safe and empowering space for women to work. 

    • Be the Change
      Believe & TuneCore Study: BE THE CHANGE

      Believe and Tunecore released in March 2023 the third study ‘BE THE CHANGE: Gender Equality in the Music Industry’ in partnership with Luminate. This annual and global study examines the challenges faced by women and gender expansive individuals in the music industry. It also proposes strategies to promote inclusion for all.

    • Our Manifesto
      We Believe in...

      Believe is guided by four Driving Forces: respect, expertise, fairness, and transparency. These values guide everyone's behaviors and decisions. Generating trust for artists and labels, and for our teams, these values empower them while providing them the autonomy they need.

    • Careers
      Set The Tone

      Interested in joining Believe and being part of our Shaping Music for Good adventure? You can find all our current job openings on our Careers site. You can also learn about our values and commitments, and meet the Believers who contribute to our diversity and success.