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Chintana Johannes
Marketing Project Manager, Indonesia
Chintana Johannes 2023

Our mission is to best serve local artists and labels at each stage of their development in the digital ecosystem, with fairness, expertise, respect and transparency.

We are driven by five convictions:

  • Each artist is different

    From new to established to top artists, we rely on people, technology and digital expertise to build solutions best adapted to each artist and label. From TuneCore to Believe Label & Artist Solutions to NuclearBlast, GrooveAttack, AllPoints or KithLabo, our portfolio of brands brings solutions to artists and labels at all levels of development, in all geographies and across all genres of music.

  • Serve local independent artists first

    We focus on developing local artists in their local communities first. Music is first and foremost about local communities listening to artists singing in their language shaping local culture with their music. Our aim is to work with artists and labels to first develop them in their region, focusing on maintaining their independence.

  • "Digital music" means "digital artist development"

    We believe that "digital music audiences" mean "digital artist development". Since our creation, we have striven to leverage our global technology platform, data and our relationships with key local and global digital partners to build the leading artist development platform for the digital world. Artist careers are simply not developed in the same way in the traditional world and in the digital world.

  • Build your trust through our core values

    We aim to develop our artists with respect, fairness and transparency. These values are the foundation of the trust relationships we aim to established with our artists and labels, our partners, our employees and more generally all our stakeholders. We integrate them in all aspects of our business from establishing simple and fair contracts with artists, transparent royalty statements, protecting their data privacy or their freedom of expression, in diversity, gender equality and inclusion.

    We would not exist without the trust of our people and that of our artists and labels.

  • Partner closely with digital platforms

    We develop artists by helping them reach and engage with audiences. Digital platforms are aggregating the largest audiences. Each day we seek to bolster relations with leading local and global music, gaming and social media and entertainment platforms. These collaborations enable us to access exclusive features, advanced analytics, financial or promotional benefits for the benefit of our artists and labels. Achieving this preferred partner status help us champion our clients at a grassroots level.

Growing together
  • 2005
    Denis Ladegaillerie 2022

    Believe is co-founded by Denis Ladegaillerie, Arnaud Chiaramonti and Nicolas Laclias. A vision to help artists build and grow their careers through music technology and services.
    Believe delivers first albums to download stores.

  • 2007

    Believe expands across Europe, launching our first web tools for artists and labels. Established French artists like MC Solaar join Believe. Soko becomes first Believe artist to enter European charts.

  • 2010
    Believe Backstage

    Believe launches Backstage: a unique interface for artists and labels to manage, promote and monitor their catalog.

  • 2012
    Believe Digital Studios

    Believe leads the way in the music industry by creating a video department which purpose is supporting artists to maximize the potential of their music videos and build their fan base.

  • 2015
    TuneCore Timeline

    Believe acquires TuneCore: supporting DIY artists, access to a wider digital distribution network with more tools and services to get their music out to the world.

  • 2016
    DataMusic Logo

    Believe launches DataMusic analytics: in-depth stats across streaming and downloads for artists and labels to improve audience targeting and channel management. Believe acquires French label naïve and Italian distributor Made In Etaly. 

  • 2018
    Nuclear Blast Timeline
    Artist Services & Development

    Believe launches its Artist Services & Development division We acquire German indie record labels Nuclear Blast, Groove Attack and take a stake in French music label Tôt ou Tard, enriching our roster of artists.

  • 2020
    Ircam Amplify
    To infinity and beyond

    Partnership with Ircam Amplify in France. Believe acquires playlists and label services startup SoundsGood and Turkey’s DMC record label. Believe launches new Artist Services & Development imprints and has almost 1200 employees in 45 countries.

Our leadership team
  • Central
      Denis Ladegaillerie headshot
      Denis Ladegaillerie
      Founder & Chief Executive Officer
      Xavier Dumont
      Xavier Dumont
      Chief Financial, Strategy & People Officer
      Béatrice Dumurgier
      Béatrice Dumurgier
      Chief Operating Officer
      Romain Vivien
      Romain Vivien
      Global Head of Music & President Europe
      Andreea Gleeson 2021
      Andreea Gleeson
      Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore
      Gideon Mountford 2022
      Gideon Mountford
      Global Head of Digital Business
      Virginie Sautter 2022
      Virginie Sautter
      Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
      Anne Adamo
      Anne Adamo
      Chief Financial Control Officer
      Vincent Ducrohet 2022
      Vincent Ducrohet
      Chief Product Officer
      Romain Becker 2022
      Romain Becker
      President, Label & Artist Solutions
      Elsa Bahamonde 2022
      Elsa Bahamonde Bourgain
      President, Artist Services
  • Local
      Romain Vivien 2022
      Romain Vivien
      Global Head of Music & President, Europe
      Sylvain Delange 2022
      Sylvain Delange
      President, APAC
      Viktoria Siniavskaia
      President, META, East & Southern Europe, Americas
      Thorsten Freese 2022
      Thorsten Freese
      Managing Director, Germany
      Alex Kennedy
      Alex Kennedy
      Managing Director, UK
      Vivek Raina
      Vivek Raina
      Managing Director, India
      Antoine El Iman 2022
      Antoine El Iman
      Managing Director, SEA & AUNZ
      Charles Liu MD GC
      Charles Liu
      Managing Director, Greater China
      Erika Ogawa cropped
      Erika Ogawa
      Managing Director, Japan
      Denis Gorshkov
      Denis Gorshkov
      Managing Director, Russia, MENA & Turkey
      Liubov Kevkhaian
      Liubov Kevkhaia
      Managing Director, CEE
      Luca Daher
      Luca Daher
      Managing Director, Italy
      Alejandra Olea 2024
      Alejandra Olea
      Managing Director, Americas