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Celebrate 2022 by connecting you to a new music galaxy with Cassiope.IA!


What will you be listening to at the dawn of 2022 and in the months to come? You probably don't know yet, but Cassiope.IA already has all the answers.


Developed by Believe and French digital agency Lost Mechanics, Cassiope.IA is an artificial intelligence that allows users to discover the music they will listen to in the future based on their listening habits. Cassiope.IA then suggests a playlist to the user drawing from the musical galaxy formed by Believe & TuneCore 30-million-songs database.

Cassiope.IA by Believe

From the dedicated website, users can log in to their Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music accounts so that Cassiope.IA scans their music preferences and suggests the playlist that suits them best. Users will then be invited to discover the playlist directly on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. 

The aim of this project was to indirectly involve our partners (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer) while highlighting the diversity of our collection.  

Salim Jawad, Creative Marketing Manager, Believe

CassiopeIA Playlists

There are five playlists inspired by the five musical styles commonly represented at Believe: hip-hop, dance & electronic music, rock, pop and classical music. While each user is assigned a playlist based on the analysis of the most recurrent tags in their history, the content of each playlist is composed of dozens of tracks randomly selected by Cassiope.IA from the Believe & TuneCore catalog, a selection that may evolve throughout the year. 

For music lovers, it's an innovative and fun way to discover what will soon become their next favorite songs. For Believe, Cassiope.IA is a unique opportunity to showcase the creativity and technical skills of its teams while demonstrating the range and diversity of its music catalog. As Salim Jawad underlines, CassiopeIA showcases the ability of Believe & TuneCore teams to put artists at the forefront and involve them in all our innovations, all the while including our digital partner streaming platforms in the process.   

We hope CassiopeIA will bring you many new musical experiences for this new year 2022!