7 Believe artists and bands to watch out for in spring 2024!

7 Believe artists and bands to watch out for in spring 2024!
Photo cover by: Renuka Panwar
Written by: Benjamin Walewski
Published Mar 21, 2024
7 min read

From France to the Philippines, with a side trip to Brazil and India, we present a selection of seven Believe and TuneCore artists who will be making a lot of noise in their respective countries - and even beyond - over the coming weeks!  

With over 1.3 million artists represented, choosing a selection of artists and bands to present to you is quite a headache! So, we've decided instead to tell you about artists who have recently made their mark in the charts, or who have very recently joined our roster. And again, this is just a small sample of all the talents we have the pleasure to work with. 

Whether you're a fan of French hip-hop, Asian indie rock or Balkan gypsy punk, we've got something to satisfy your thirst for discovering new musical horizons. One last thing: don't forget to switch on your speakers or plug in your headphones. 


At just 21 years of age and in a career spanning just under 6 years, Renuka Panwar can already boast of having created a groundswell in the Haryanvi music scene, an Indian musical genre that originated in the northern region but has taken hold throughout the country.

It was her participation in musician Pradeep Sonu's song Sun Sonio in 2018 that first brought the young singer from Utter Pradesh to attention. But it was the wedding song "52 Gaj Ka Daman" released in 2020, when she was just 18, that propelled her to stardom. And do not think we're exaggerating: the billion (and more) views of the video for "52 Gaj Ka Daman", and her other hit "Chatak Matak", bear witness to this, as well as the strong fandom she built in India. Renuwa was so successful that YouTube even released a mini-documentary tracing her journey.

In addition to releasing music on her own label, Renuka Panwar recently teamed up with local Believe's imprint Isthar for the devotional song "Mere Prabhu Ram", whose video surpassed one million views in less than a month.

TONEEJAY – Philippines

Few artists can claim to have pioneered a new musical genre, but Filipino musician TONEEJAY is one of them. With his former band Munimuni, they have coined the term “makata-pop” to describe their music, which is the sound of indie-folk and indie rock with poetic lyrics in Filipino language.

Even if he parted ways with his band to fly solo, TONEEJAY kept his trademark “makata-pop” style. After he left the band in June 2021, he started experimenting with new sounds and learn production, which led him to release his first solo album Beginning/End a few months later. In 2022, he released a 2nd album, Kasama Kita, where indie folk met with electronic sounds.

In 2023, he returned to his love of indie-rock, releasing two hit singles, "Parang Magic" and "711", the latter described as "one of the best songs of September 2023" by Billboard Philippines, garnering over 1.6 million views on YouTube, and 65 million listens on Spotify. Considering how inspired and creative TONEEJAY is, chances are he already has some new hits to gift the world in the upcoming months.

YAMÊ – France

What put Yamê in the international spotlight was probably his COLORS video - that boasts 56 million views at the time of writing - where he showcased to the world is style where R&B, Hip hop and Jazz collides together in a unique way. The 30-year-old self-taught Franco-Cameroonian artist honed his style and talents as a singer and keyboardist on the Parisian jam session circuit for several years.

His solo career really took off when he began sharing his music on TikTok during the 2020 confinement, which prompted him to launch the two volumes of his Bantu Mixtape in the same breath. In October 2023, Yamê released Elowi, his second album, which entered the Top 200 sales charts the very next day and reached the Top 10 in December. Released earlier in June, the single "Bécane" also reached the top, earning gold certification, and peaking Number one on Global Spotify Viral charts and Top Global Shazam charts.

And chances are Yamê will make a lot of noise in 2024, as he was recently received the “Best male Newcomer of the year” prize at the 2024 edition of French “Victoire de la musique” awards.


Like many young artists of her generation, Giana Mello made her name on social networks. Before launching her musical career, Giana was already well known among young Brazilians as an influencer, thanks to her activity on Instagram and TikTok. It was on the latter network that she began sharing her passion for music with her 4.4 million followers.

Although she only began releasing music in 2022, her massive fanbase had her back and helped reach new heights in a very short time. Released in October 2022, her “funk viral” song "Portal Orbital" was the first track where Giana could fully take her new artistic direction, and it was also her first major hit with more than 13 million streams on Spotify. And she kept on releasing hits after hits: her track "100%", surpassed 7.3m streams. Her pop duet with Kweller, "Vermelho Neon" achieved 20m streams, while “Combinadinho” hit 14m streams.

After releasing the very pop-oriented Frenesi EP at the end of 2023, she’s now returning to a more baile-funk sound with her new single “Eu Jogo Mismo”.


If you're from the UK, or if you're an avid fan of British Pop, you may already know Conor Maynard, as he already has quite an impressive career. His 1st album Contrast, released in 2012, hit number one in the UK charts, and he collaborated with artists as different as Alok and Ne-Yo.

Interestingly, Conor was also one of the first artists to achieve fame through YouTube. It was his music cover videos, which he began posting in 2008, that drew attention to him and landed him his first album on a major label in 2010. And many years later, he's still a king of digital: his YouTube channel has about 13.6 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views; and his Spotify streams counts are fast-approaching 2 billion. And with 8.1 million followers, his TikTok account is one of the most followed in the UK. There’s a huge difference though: Conor has been an independent artist since 2020.

Following the release of his 3rd album +11 hours in 2023, Conor toured Europe, Australia and Asia, releasing several singles and remixes. He has just released through TuneCore a new EP entitled Maybe I, featuring 3 synth-infused pop tracks.

PUTRI ARIANI - Indonesia

If you know anything about Putri Ariani's life, it's hard not to admire her! Visually impaired from birth, the young singer learned to sing, play the piano and the flute from an early age, helped only by her grandmother. She performed on stage for the first time at the age of 7. And at the age of 8, in 2014, she received national exposure and launched her career by winning Indonesia Got Talent.

She then developed her career in parallel with her studies: she won several singing awards, released a handful of singles, participated in Voice Kids Indonesia, sang at the official ceremony of the Asian Paralympic Games in 2018… In 2020, she's 15 and release her very first album "Melihat Dengan Hati". Fast forward to 2023, Putri Ariani is invited on America's Got Talent, where she reached the 4th position and earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell. She also performed at Indonesia's 78th Independence Day celebration.

Late 2023, Putri received a WIPO-AMI Inspiring Artist award, for her single "Who I Am," a collaboration with Norwegian composer Alan Walker and Peder Elias. Together, they recently released an EP with several covers and remixes of this song, wincluding Putri's own version. Putri Ariani also recently released “Teruskan Langkah Baikmu”, a powerful and moving pop ballad sung in Bahasa Indonesia. And we definitely bet she's going to make it big in 2024.


Hungarian band Bohemian Betyars, who fall into the (very) broad category of "world music", describe their music as "speed-folk freak-punk", but to give you a clearer idea, let's say that the band happily mixes punk rock, ska and psychedelic rock sound with Hungarian, Balkan and Gypsy melodies.

As you'd expect, it's largely thanks to their energetic, spectacular live shows that Bohemian Betyars has built up a solid reputation, touring Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the USA and even Asia multiple times. Founded in 2009 by singer Levente Szűcs and guitarist Máté Mihályfi, Bohemian Betyars has released no fewer than 5 LPs and 1 EP between 2011 and 2021, and has become very popular in Central Europe, thanks to their concerts and the use of their songs as theme for reality TV show Farm and TV series Drága örökösök.

With the single "Quatre Grapes”, produced with the Barcelona rumba combo La Pegatina, Bohemian Betyars announces its new album for 2024 - distributed by Believe - and numerous concert dates will of course be scheduled in the coming months, as the band is now a regular feature on European festivals.